Kanegrade Accreditations:

Kanegrade has a strong Quality Assurance team ready to deal with matters of Quality Control, Legal Compliance, Questionnaires, Documentation, Production Standards, Supplier Approval and the many other factors involved in supplying ingredients to the World's best food and beverage companies.






British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standard

BRC Global Standard Storage and Distribution. The British Retail Consortium developed the “BRC Global Standard Storage and Distribution”. This standard is applicable for all types of transportation which are trucks, trains, ships, planes or any other types of transportation, covering both temperature control and ambient temperature transportation. This standard is written for both food and non-food products’ storage, distribution and transportation.

The Standard is comprehensive in scope, covering areas of quality, hygiene and product safety throughout the distribution chain.





Soil Association Organic Certificate

Since 1973 Soil Association Certification Limited (SA Certification) has certified farm enterprises, foods and other products as organic. SA Certification is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Soil Association charity

They inspect and certify organic farms, food manufacturers and producers of non-food items such as health and beauty products and textiles. They license every stage, from production on the farm, through processing, to distribution to the consumer.


Halal Food Council of Europe Approved

The Halal Food Council Of Europe (HFCE) was registered in Brussels, Belgium, in the year 2010, as an Islamic Organisation that is dedicated to research in the fields related to food and nutrition.





London Beth Din Kosher Certificate

The London Beth Din, Court of the Chief Rabbi, is one of the largest Kosher certification agencies in Europe and Asia and a leading authority on Kosher food and Jewish Law. They are recognised by all the major Kosher organisations in the world. London Beth Din Kashrut Division specialise in the needs of international food importers, exporters, manufacturers and most importantly consumers.


U.S. FDA (Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act)

Registered Food Facility