Bakery Flavours

Here at Kanegrade we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality food ingredients, making us one of your best options for natural and nature identical bakery flavours.

Our wholesale bakery flavours are used for a wide range of applications within the bakery industry, including biscuits, bread, cakes, cookies and much more besides, and the processes involved mean that the flavours used need to be able to withstand high temperatures and stresses.

As such, we thoroughly test all of our baking flavours to ensure that they are going to remain stable in high-temperature baking environments.

Our Wholesale Bakery Flavours

As well as extensive experience within the bakery industry, we are also dedicated and passionate about helping development teams produce world-class food. To achieve this, we combine our diverse range of flavours specifically suited to bakery products and advise and supply these while maintaining a customer-focused mindset and offering technical assistance.


A Almond (Bitter, Roasted, Sweet), Anchovy, Aniseed, Apple (Green, Red, Fresh, Dessert), Apricot
B Bacon (Boiled, Smoked), Banana (Fresh, Green, Ripe), Barley (Roasted), Beef (Canned, Cooked, Roasted), Bergamot, Bilberry, Biscuit (Bourbon, Cracker, Digestive, Marie, Petit Beurre), Blackberry (Fresh, Jammy, Tinned) , Blackcurrant (Fresh, Jammy, Tinned), Blueberry (Fresh), Bread (Fresh Baked, Yeasty), Bunspice, Butter (Cooked, Creamy, Fresh, Melted), Butterscotch (Burnt, Creamy, Lemony)
C Cake (Fruity), Caramel (Burnt, Creamy, Rich, Vanilla), Cardamom, Carrot (Fresh, Cooked, Tinned), Cassia, Celery (Cooked, Fresh, Green, Seed), Cereal, Cheese (Blue, Cheddar, Creamy, Strong), Cherry (Blackheart, Fresh, Jammy, Morello, Tinned, Wild), Chicken (Boiled, Fried, Roasted), Chilli, Chocolate (Creamy, Dark, Milk, White), Cinnamon, Citrus (Fresh, Juicy), Clove (Bud, Stem), Cocoa (Dark, Rich, Vanilla), Coconut (Creamy, Fresh, Milk, Toasted), Coffee (Continental, Fresh, Dark, Light), Coriander, Cornflakes, Coumarin Substitute, Crab (Fresh, Tinned), Cracker Flavours, Cranberry (Cooked, Fresh), Cream (Clotted, Fresh, Sour), Cream Cornish, Cream Custard (Creamy, Vanilla), Cream Panna, Cucumber
D Durian
E Egg and Milk, Essential Oils (Citrus, Pepermint, Spice), Extracts (General Citrus, Prune, Raisin)
F Fantasy, Fat (Beef Fat, Lard), Fig (Fresh, Green, Ripe), Fior de Latte, Forest Fruits, Frambozan
G Garlic, Ghee (Buttery, Traditional), Ginger (Lemony, Sweet, Traditional), Grape (Concord, Green, Red), Grapefruit Oil (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Grenadine (Fresh, Fruity, Juicy), Guava (Fresh, Juicy, Pink)
H Ham (Boiled, Roasted, Smoked), Hazelnut (Fresh, Roasted), Honey (Country, Floral, Natural)
J Jackfruit
K Kalamansi, Kewra, Kirsch, Kiwi (Fresh, Green, Ripe), Kumquat
L Lemon (Fresh, Green, Juicy, Peely), Lemon Oil (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Lime Oil (Juicy, Peely, Sweet), Lobster (Cooked, Fresh), Lychee (Canned, Fresh)
M Malt, Mandarin (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Mango (Alphonso, Fresh, Philippines, Ripe), Maple, Maraschino, Marie (Creamy, Traditional, Vanilla), Meat (Cooked, Fatty, Roast, Skin), Melon (Fresh, Ripe, Sweet), Milk (Creamy, Chocolate, Fresh, Malted), Milk Condensed, Milk Evaporated, Mocha, Molasses, Morello, Mushroom (Cooked, Fresh, Fried)
N Novels, Nut (Fresh, Roasted), Nutmeg Oil
O Oat (Natural, Toasted), Oilve Oil (Fresh, Green, Natural), Onion (Fresh, Fried, Toasted), Onion Powder, Orange (Bitter, Fresh, Juicy, Sweet), Orange Oil (Bitter, Blood, Juicy, Sweet)
P Pandan, Pandoro, Panettone (Ginger, Vanilla), Papaya, Paprika, Passion Fruit (Canned, Fresh), Peach (Fresh, Ripe, Tinned, White, Yellow), Peanut (Fresh, Roasted), Pear (Dessert, Fresh, Tinned), Pecan (Fresh, Roasted), Pepper (Green, Red, Yellow), Peppermint (American, Brazilian, Chinese), Pineapple (Fresh, Juicy, Tinned), Pistachio (Dried, Toasted), Pizza, Plum (Dessert, Fresh, Tinned), Pomegranate, Pork (Boiled, Roasted, Smoked), Potato (Cream, Fried, Roast), Praline, Prawn (Fresh, Grilled), Prune (Dried, Tinned)
Q Quince
R Raspberry (Fresh, Jammy, Ripe, Tinned), Redcurrant (Fresh, Juicy), Rhubarb (Fresh, Stewed), Rice (Baked, Fragrant), Rose, Rum
S Saffron, Salmon (Smoked, Tinned), Santan, Sardine (Fresh, Fried, Grilled), Scampi (Fresh, Fried, Grilled), Sesame (Natural, Toasted), Sherry, Shrimp (Fresh, Fried, Grilled), Smoke (Hickory, Traditional), Spearmint, Spice Mixed, Spicy Ketchup, Strawberry (Fresh, Green, Jammy, Ripe), Sugar Brown, Sugar Burnt, Sweet Corn (Fresh, Tinned), Sweetness Enhancer, Syrup Golden
T Tangerine (Fresh, Juicy), Toffee (Burnt, Buttery, Creamy, Milk), Toffee Milk, Tomato (Fresh, Puree, Ripe, Sun Dried), Tropical Fruits (Fresh, Juicy, Tinned), Truffle, Tutti Frutti
V Vanilla (Beany, Buttery, Creamy, Traditional), Vanillin Crystals, Vanilla Cream