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Botanical & Herbal Extracts

Kanegrade is a leading supplier of Botanical and herbal extracts. These are natural extracts taken from seeds, barks, leaves and fruit which are used to create flavours.

They are available in several forms such as Solid Extract (SE), Fluid Extract (FE) and Powder Extract (PE) forms. The solid extract form is highly viscose but is still of a pouring consistency. Below are some examples of products that are available, along with a brief description. Full specifications are available on request.

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AlfalfaGreenish, fig-like
Angelica RootAromatic, winery
Barley Cereal, malty
Blackberry RootAstringent
Black Walnut HullsSlightly Bitter, astringent
Cascara SagradaBitter
Chamomile FlowersTea-like, aromatic melon
Chestnut LeavesTea-like, green
Cinchona Bark, RedBitter, warm, coffee
Cinnamon BarkSharp, astringent
CoffeeBitter, spicy
Dandelion RootBitter, maple
DoggrassBitter, astringent
Elderflower Aromatic
Foenugreek SeedBitter, spicy
Foenugreek Seed(rst)Bitter, maple
Gentian RootBitter, astringent
Guarana SeedAstringent, bitter
HopsSlightly bitter
HorehoundWarm, aromatic
Kola, AlchoholicAstringent, bitter
Kola, AqueousAstringent
Lemon Peel Citrus, astringent
LiquoriceSweet, anise
Lovage RootWarm, aromatic, celery like
Mate (Yerba) Tea-like herbaceous, hay-like
Mountain MapleAstringent, woody
Oak ChipsAstringent, oak
Orange PeelCitrus, astringent, bitter
Orange Peel sweetCitrus, astringent
Quillaja (Soap Bark)Soapy, foamy
Rhubarb RootBitter, tonic flavour
RosehipsSweet, sour
RyeChocolate like, malt
St. Johns BreadVanilla character
St. Johns Bread, (rst)Vanilla, stronger
SarsaparillaCreamy, liquorice, slightly, bitter
TamarindSweet, Sour, fruity
Valerian RootAromatic, warm, balsamic
White Pine BarkAstringent
Wild Cherry BarkAstringent, tart, dry, woody
Yerba SantaTea-like, warm, fruity
YuccaSoapy, foamy