Dairy and Ice Cream Flavours

The ice cream industry is notable for the diverse range of flavours that are available, from the traditional to the exotic, and as such it is essential that the manufacturers have access to the finest range of ice cream flavouring possible – which is where the team here at Kanegrade come in.

We have a huge selection of ice cream flavours in stock – you can browse the full selection here – all of which are designed to complement all dairy applications, however if you require something that is not listed, please contact us directly. We have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading providers of ice cream flavouring, supplying the very best ingredients at competitive prices.

Dairy Flavours

The ice cream industry relies on the quality of its ingredients to ensure it can continue to produce the products that everyone loves, but why choose Kanegrade? From our dedication to providing first-class customer experience through to our extensive industry knowledge, here at Kanegrade we are renowned for providing the finest dairy flavours at some of the best prices around.

Our team has years of experience within the industry, and as such we are able to provide you with expert support and technical advice to enable you to make the right decision for your business. If you’d like to find out more about our 100% natural ice cream and dairy flavours, give us a call today on +44 (0)1438 742 242 or Request a Sample by completing our online contact form.

A Almond (Bitter, Roasted, Sweet), Apple (Green, Red, Fresh, Dessert), Apricot
B Bilberry, Blackberry (Fresh, Jammy, Tinned) , Blackcurrant (Fresh, Jammy, Tinned), Blueberry (Fresh), Butter (Cooked, Creamy, Fresh, Melted), Butterscotch (Burnt, Creamy, Lemony)
C Caramel (Burnt, Creamy, Rich, Vanilla), Cheese (Blue, Cheddar, Creamy, Strong), Cherry (Blackheart, Fresh, Jammy, Morello, Tinned, Wild), Chocolate (Creamy, Dark, Milk, White), Citrus (Fresh, Juicy), Cocoa (Dark, Rich, Vanilla), Coconut (Creamy, Fresh, Milk, Toasted), Coffee (Continental, Fresh, Dark, Light), Cranberry (Cooked, Fresh), Cream (Clotted, Fresh, Sour), Cream Cornish, Cream Custard (Creamy, Vanilla), Cream Panna
E Egg, Egg & Milk
F Fantasy, Fior de Latte, Forest Fruits, Frambozan
G Ghee (Buttery, Traditional), Grape (Concord, Green, Red), Grapefruit, (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Guava (Fresh, Juicy, Pink)
H Hazelnut (Fresh, Roasted), Honey (Country, Floral, Natural)
J Jackfruit
K Kirsch, Kiwi (Fresh, Green, Ripe), Kumquat
L Lemon Lime (Fresh), Lemon (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Lime (Juicy, Peely, Sweet), Liquorice, Lychee
M Malt, Mandarin (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Mango (Alphonso, Fresh, Philippines, Ripe), Maple, Maraschino, Melon (Fresh, Ripe, Sweet), Milk (Creamy, Chocolate, Fresh, Malted), Milk Condensed, Milk Evaporated, Mocha, Milk Toffee, Molasses
N Novels, Nut (Fresh, Roasted)
O Orange (Bitter, Fresh, Juicy, Sweet)
P Pandan, Papaya, Passion Fruit (Canned, Fresh), Peach (Fresh, Ripe, Tinned, White, Yellow), Peanut (Fresh, Roasted), Pear (Dessert, Fresh, Tinned), Pecan (Fresh, Roasted), Pineapple (Fresh, Juicy, Tinned), Pistachio (Dried, Toasted), Plum (Dessert, Fresh, Tinned), Pomegranate, Praline (Chocolate, Nutty), Prune (Fruity, Jammy)
Q Quince
R Raisin (Fruity, Traditional), Raspberry (Fresh, Jammy, Ripe, Tinned), Redcurrant (Fresh, Juicy), Rhubarb (Fresh, Stewed), Rum (Carribean, Dark, Light, Traditional)
S Strawberry (Fresh, Green, Jammy, Ripe), Sugar Brown, Sugar Burnt, Syrup Golden
T Tangerine (Fresh, Juicy), Toffee (Burnt, Buttery, Creamy, Milk), Toffee Milk
EMULSIONS Apple, Butter, Coconut, Cola, Cream, Guava, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Mixed Fruit, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry