Flavours Application Assistance

Flavours are available in liquid (L), spray dried encapsulated powder (P) and emulsion (E) forms.

The following is a guide to the form that is suitable for certain applications:

Application Area: Notes: Form Suitable:
Bakery heat & bake stable (eg: fruit, honey) LP
Sugar confectionery heat stable (eg: fruit) LP
Chocolate heat stable (eg: fruit, mint) LP
Ice Cream & Dairy (eg: chocolate, fruit) LP
Beverages (eg: herb, fruit) ELP
Liquors (eg: fruit, spirits) L
Frozen desserts (eg: fruit, coffee) LP
Animal feeds (eg: herbal, fish, fruit) LP
Pharmaceutical (eg: fruit, honey) LP
Cereals (eg: fruit, honey) L
Meat & poultry (eg: chicken, pork, lamb, beef) LP
Pet Food (e.g: liver, chicken) LP
Tobacco hand rolled, shisha, cigarettes, all types (all major brands) L

Please enquire if you are looking for something which is not listed. Extensive stocks of flavours are held in the UK which allow Kanegrade to provide you with a quick and efficient service.