Fruit Aromas / Esters / Distillates

Fruit Aromas, also known as Esters or Distillates are made from condensing the volatiles from the Fruit Juice Concentration process. They are used widely in flavour manufacturing, particularly for making natural flavours.

Producing these is a technical process involving many stages, firstly fruits are quality-checked and cleaned, and fruits are crushed to extract the juice. The juice is then pasteurised, pressed, and processed through a centrifuge. Then comes the evaporation of water to produce the juice concentrate, and the aroma is a by-product of this process. The aroma is recovered, condensed, filtered and packed. 

The concentration of aromas are described in 'folds' which is a ratio of the original quantity of fruit to produce the aroma.

The Aromas we offer are generally 150-fold, meaning that 150kg of fruit is required to produce 1kg of Aroma, and they are extremely concentrated fruit products, with a high level of the natural aromatic compounds of the fruit. The fold of the aroma will be mentioned on the specification.

Fruit Aromas like these can be re-added to Juice Concentrates and to finished products without declaration. They are generally used in the beverage industry for both alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as for natural flavour production.

Kanegrade supplies many types of fruit aromas, including:

Apple Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Apricot Aroma / Esters/ Distillate
Banana Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Blackberry Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Blackthorn Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Blackcurrant Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Blueberry Aroma / Esters/ Distillate
Cherry-Sour Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Cranberry Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Elderberry Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Gooseberry Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Mango Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Passionfruit Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Pear Aroma / Esters/ Distillate
Peach Aroma / Esters/ Distillate
Pineapple Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Plum-Red Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Raspberry Aroma / Esters/ Distillate
Redcurrant Aroma / Esters / Distillate
Strawberry Aroma / Esters / Distillate

There are also Organic types (certified by the Organic Soil Association): Apple Aroma, Pear Aroma, Cherry-Sour Aroma.

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