Fruit Juice Concentrates

Whether your company produces drinks, foods, flavourings, sauces or ready meals, we’ve got a wide selection of fruit juice concentrates which will perfectly flavour your finished product.

Fruit Juice Concentrates are produced by extracting the juice from fresh sound fruits, then evaporating a large proportion of the water. This leaves a highly-concentrated version of the fruit juice which can be used as a natural flavouring for a myriad of applications, or re-constituted with water to create a natural drink.

Acerola Juice Concentrate Fig Juice Concentrate Melon Juice Concentrate
Apple Juice Concentrate Gooseberry Juice Concentrate Orange Juice Concentrate
Apricot Juice Concentrate Grape, Red Juice Concentrate Papaya Juice Concentrate
Banana Juice Concentrate Grape, White Juice Concentrate Passionfruit Juice Concentrate
Bilberry Juice Concentrate Grapefruit Juice Concentrate Peach Juice Concentrate
Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate Guava Juice Concentrate Pear Juice Concentrate
Blueberry Juice Concentrate Kiwi  Juice Concentrate Pineapple Juice Concentrate
Boysenberry Juice Concentrate Lemon Juice Concentrate Plum Juice Concentrate
Cherry Sweet / Sour Juice Concentrate Lime Juice Concentrate Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
Cranberry Juice Concentrate Lingonberry Juice Concentrate Quince Juice Concentrate
Damson Juice Concentrate Lychee Juice Concentrate Raspberry Juice Concentrate
Date Juice Concentrate Mandarin Juice Concentrate Redcurrant Juice Concentrate
Elderberry Juice Concentrate Mango Juice Concentrate Strawberry Juice Concentrate

*Other fruits and specific varieties available on request, please enquire to request specifications.

The 'concentration factor' (e.g. 3, 4, 5) is the multiple of the pure juice which a concentrate has been made to. Also known as the 'fold', it assists in knowing what level of dilution is required to restore the concentrate to the original strength of the natural fruit juice.

'Brix' is a measure of the percentage of fruit sugar solids in a juice or juice concentrate. The pure juice has a native brix level and the brix of the concentrate is expressed as a higher value of this, which is a more accurate and commonly used way to describe the level of concentration.

The main variations of juice concentrates are cloudy or clarified versions. Cloudy juice concentrates retain the natural cloudiness present after the concentration process, but Clarified juice concentrates are micro-filtered to result in crystal clear liquids which are more suited to beverage applications. 

Juice concentrates are often filled using a process known as aseptic packing. This involves heating the product to a high temperature then packing without any air, avoiding oxidisation of the product, controlling microbiological levels and ensuring a longer shelf life. Where this is not desirable, frozen juice concentrates are available which avoid the high temperature process of aseptic packing, some claim that freezing ensures a better flavour profile is retained.

Juice Concentrates are a major product category for Kanegrade, and we can take orders of virtually any size. Pack options start from the smallest unit of 25kg aseptic bag-in-box (MOQs apply to some products), moving up to drums of 180Kg to 250Kg, intermediate bulk containers of around 1000Kg to full tanker loads of around 18000Kg

Our list of available flavours includes practically every fruit you can think of; citrus, tropical, mixed fruits and forest fruits, over 40 more – see our table above and enquire with us today.

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