Fruit Juices NFC

NFC stands for 'Not from Concentrate' so this is also known as Pure Fruit Juice.

In some applications, NFC fruit juices are preferred because they contain all the nutrients found in the original juice without being subject to further processing such as concentration.

To create NFC juices, fresh sound fruits are cleaned and mechanically milled to extract the juice. This is then filtered and pasteurised before being filled into the packaging of choice.

A major issue with using NFC juices is their cost in use as a high proportion of the content is water, so you are paying to ship, and store a lot of water. However understandably in some applications only pure juice will do.

NFC juices tend to have a higher minimum order quantity, in the region of 3000Kg. They also should be stored chilled at 0 - 4 degC to maintain their shelf life, however this will still remain short so they should be used as soon as possible.

The following NFC juices are available from Kanegrade:

Apple Juice NFC Juice * Blackcurrant Juice NFC *
Apricot Juice NFC Juice Peach Juice NFC
Sweet Pear NFC Juice * Plum Juice NFC *
Pear Williams NFC Juice Lingonberry Juice NFC *
Blueberry NFC Juice * Sour Cherry Juice NFC *
Raspberry NFC juice * Red Grape Juice NFC *
Elderberry NFC Juice * White Grape Juice NFC *

Items may be subject to seasonal availability. * denotes also available in Organic

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