Fruit Pieces

Fruit Pieces are a crucial component in many applications including snack mixes, bread, biscuits, cakes, cereal bars, chocolate, desserts, decoration, frozen desserts, garnishes, ice cream, jam/marmalade/conserves, muffins, nougat, pastries and yoghurt.

As well as the myriad of nature's fruits to choose from, Kanegrade supply many variations to suit your application including:

Piece Size e.g Whole, chopped 3-5mm, 4-9mm etc. Sugar-Infused, Apple-Juice Infused
Segments, Shapes, Flakes Candied (Sugar-Infused and Sugar Coated)
Rice-Flour Rolled (free-flowing) Formed (Natural colour and flavour on carrier) Bake stable

An important factor in dried fruits is 'Water Activity' which is essentially a measure of water in the fruit pieces, a lower water activity is desirable as this inhibits microbiological growth, but this must be balanced with some softness to ensure the fruit piece has texture and chewiness.

*Note we do not supply fresh fruit pieces, but some frozen zest pieces are available

There are a wide range of dehydrated fruits available including lemon, apple, banana, raspberry, strawberry, and many more; in fact we offer pieces from over 40 different fruits. Whichever fruit pieces you decide to purchase from us, they have been sourced from reputable growers and processors around the globe with QC checks done at our UK laboratory.

Kanegrade take great responsibility in maintaining our reputation as a fruit piece supplier. We work closely with our customers and provide a bespoke service for fruit pieces selection, discussing the parameters of your application and selecting a product which will be perfectly suited.

Whether you are looking for a precise shape and size or you have strict specifications for the moisture level of your fruit, let us know and our team will send you a specification which fulfils your requirements.

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