Fruit Preparations

Kanegrade is a major supplier of European-made Fruit Preparations to Food Manufacturers.

These are customised, pourable/pumpable mixtures of real fruit pieces, in syrup with possibility the additional of natural colours and flavours. They are used in:

Ice Cream (as toppings, layers or fillings)
Pastry fillings
Cereal Bar fillings
Dairy Drinks

Usually you start with a base fruit, and specify the size of fruit pieces you require. These might be larger for topping and smaller for a filling for example. The fruit can be fresh or sugar-infused.

Then decide the percentage of fruit required which usually ranges from 30 to 70%, averaging around 55%. This will affect the cost, a higher fruit content will be more expensive but contribute to a premium product.

The fruit is mixed into a base of glucose syrup or invert sugar syrup to give the mixture sweetness, and thickener such as guar gum or fruit pectin can be added depending on the viscosity required.

Finally, natural aromas and natural colour (such as a juice concentrate) can be added to complete the look and taste.

Note the MOQ is normally 800Kg however we do stock some fruit preparations which may be ordered in smaller quantities. To enquire about fruit preparations please contact us. 

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