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Fruit Products

Kanegrade is a major supplier of Fruit Products/Ingredients to industry.

We retain strategic alliances and partnerships with fruit growers and processors around the World.

Combined with our technical expertise in fruit products, we are one of the leading suppliers of fruit ingredients, with particular regard both to price and supply availability.

Fruit Compound/blends with 10-40% juice in ready to drink

These contain natural colours, flavours, juice & preservatives. Different types of juice based compounds include;

·         Apple
·         Berry Cocktail
·         Carrot Orange
·         Kiwi & Lime
·         Lemon & Garden Mint
·         Mango
·         Mango & Lime
·         Mixed Berry
·         Nine Fruit Mix
·         Orange
·         Pineapple
·         Pomegranate
·         Red grape
·         Strawberry
·         Tropical
·         Vimto type (mixed fruit)

Different types of soft drink compounds include;

·         Coke type
·         Pepsi type
·         Lemonade type
·         Seven Up/Sprite type
·         Orange Miranda type
·         Lemon Fanta type
·         Energy drink Red Bull type

Fruit Aromas (Esters)

Fruit Aromas, also known as Esters are made from distilling the volatiles from the Fruit Juice Concentration process.

*This is a technical process involving many stages. The typical process is to hammer-mill the quality-checked and cleaned fruit, then crush it. It is then pasteurised, pressed, and processed through a centrifuge. Then comes the essence recovery and evaporation, before filtration, cooling and aspetic packing.

The concentration of these products are described as folds. The Aromas we offer are generally 150-fold, meaning that 150kg of fruit is required to produce 1kg of Aroma.

Fruit Aromas like these can be re-added to Juice Concentrates and to finished products without declaration. They are generally only used in the beverage industry for both alcoholic and soft drinks.

Kanegrade supplies many types, including:

  • Apple Aroma
  • Apricot Aroma
  • Banana Aroma
  • Blackberry Aroma
  • Blackthorn Aroma
  • Blackcurrant Aroma
  • Blueberry Aroma
  • Cherry-Sour Aroma
  • Cranberry Aroma
  • Elderberry Aroma
  • Gooseberry Aroma
  • Mango Aroma
  • Passionfruit Aroma
  • Pear Aroma
  • Peach Aroma
  • Pineapple Aroma
  • Plum-Red Aroma
  • Raspberry Aroma
  • Redcurrant Aroma
  • Strawberry Aroma

There are also Organic types (certified by the Organic Soil Association): Apple Aroma, Pear Aroma, Cherry-Sour Aroma.

Fruit Freeze-Dried

Freeze-Dried Fruit is an excellent food ingredient as it is completely natural and free from preservatives.

Kanegrade supplies over 20 different types of freeze-dried fruit.

The process of freeze-drying the fruit preserves the product itself, retaining the original flavour, vitamins, minerals and aromas.

Applications include: Confectionary, Beverages and Breakfast Cereals.

Freeze-dried fruit is available as either pieces, granules or powders.

Fruit Juice Concentrates

Kanegrade has an extensive range of premium fruit juice concentrates from the following fruit types:

  • Citrus
  • Red
  • Soft
  • Tropical
  • Summer
  • Mixed
  • Forest
  • Autumn

In fact we have a range of over 40 different fruit juice concentrates.

These are available at varying concentrations, and in clarified or cloudy forms. Most of our juices are concentrated to 65 Brix. We also have certified-organic fruit juice concentrates.

There are many applications for fruit juice concentrates including: Beverages, Baby Food, Coatings, Desserts, Flavours, Ice Cream, Marinades, Pies, Puddings, Ready Meals, Sauces and Yoghurts.

*Some juices are also available in natural strength.

The juice concentrates are packed in 25kg aseptic bag-in-box packs or in250kg aseptically filled drums. We also supply preserved and frozenjuice concentrates.

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Fruit Pieces

Dehydrated fruit pieces make fantastic ingredients and have many applications in the food industry.

These include Bread, Biscuits, Cakes, Cereal Bars, Chocolate, Desserts, Decoration, Frozen Desserts, Garnishes, Ice Cream, Jam/Marmalade/Conserves, Muffins, Nougat, Pastries, Yoghurt.

Kanegrade supplies an extremely diverse range of dehydrated fruit pieces with many variations including:

  • Various sizes and forms (eg diced, cubed 4mm x 4mm, Strips etc.)
  • Various moisture levels
  • Preserved (with sulphur dioxide) or Non-preseved
  • Rice-flour-rolled
  • Candied

Types of fruit which Kanegrade supplies as dehydrated pieces include:
Orange, Lemon, Apple, Apricot, Banana, Cherries, Melon, Pear, Strawberry, Watermelon and many others.

Due to the diverse range of dehydrated fruit pieces, please contact us if you are unsure of your exact requirement and we will be happy to offer technical assistance.

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Fruit Powders

Kanegrade supplies natural Spray-dried Fruit Powders.

There is a range of over 30 fruits including Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Honey, Mango, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Raspberry and many others including several exotic fruits.

This is an intensive manufacturing process which includes producing a concentrated extract of the fruit and pasteurisation before the spray-drying. This is then sieved through a vibratory sleeve to result in the final powder.

There are many applications including: Powdered Beverages (gives body to powdered beverages), Yoghurts, Milkshakes, Sweet Sauces, Desserts, Tablets (Direct Compression), Baby Food, Chewy Tablets, Dry Mixes, Confectionary Fillings, Functional Foods, Biscuit Fillings and Yoghurt Drinks.

Also available are fruit flakes (roller-dried). These are dehydrated roller dried fruit flakes, which are ideal for use in baby food, breakfast cereals, biscuit fillings, chocolate and sweet fillings and cereal bars.

Fruit Preparations

Fruit Preparations are made from fruit (normally 60%, but ranging from 40 to 70% depending on requirement), pectin and sugar. They can be supplied with or without fruit pieces and there are both bake and freeze stable types available.

Fruit preparations are ideal for yoghurts, yoghurt drinks, ice-cream and bakery applications (eg pie fillings).

Kanegrade has over 25 types of Fruit Preparation to choose from, including the more typical Apple, Apricot, Blackcurrant, Peach, Passion-fruit, Plum and Cherry, as well as more exotic options such as Strawberry-Rhubarb, Tangerine, Forest Fruits and Pomegranate.

Packing size is typically 20kg aseptic bag-in-box. Organic alternatives are available for most fruits.

Fruit Purees

Kanegrade supplies Fruit Puree from over 25 different types of fruit. These are available in single strength, concentrate and blended forms.

Purees can be manufactured with or without sugar, and processed with or without seeds. We can also blend purees with juice concentrate thus giving a textured product with the full flavour of a concentrate. The applications are various including Baby Food, Desserts, Ice Cream, Marinades, Puddings, Ready Meals, Smoothies, Sorbets, Yoghurts.

Over 25 types of fruit are available, including Apple, Apricot, Blackberry, Bramley Apple, Carrot, Forest Fruit, Kiwi, Lychee, Mango, Passionfruit, Peach, Reducrrant and many others.

Packaging is in either 20kg aseptic bag-in-box or 200kg aseptic steel drums. Products are available in frozen form if required. Organic alternatives are available for most fruit.

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Fruit Zest

Citrus fruit zests are comprised of the outer skin of citrus fruits which contain the aromatic oils and are extremely effective at boosting flavour and improving physical appearance.

They are formed by fresh citrus fruits, quality-checked, de-stalked, de-leaved, cleaned and checked for blemishes. The peel is then removed and shredded, and the anti-microbial preservative is added. The peel is then frozen and packed into bags before metal detection and weight checks.

Our citrus zests are available as powdergranulesstripschopped,shreds and strings. If you are uncertain which you need please contact us.

The main fruits are:

  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Mandarin and Grapefruit are available on request.

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