Fruit Zest

Kanegrade is a major supplier and stockist of Fruit Zest.

Fruit zest is the very outer layers (section which retains the colour) of citrus fruits, which have a high concentration of  the fruits aromatic oils, making them incredibly effective for boosting both the flavour and physical appearance of food products.

How Fruit Zests are Made

To produce zests, fruits are quality-checked, de-stalked, de-leaved, cleaned and checked for blemishes. Following these checks, the peel is removed and shredded. The removed peel is then chopped to size (e.g. granules 2-3 mm, strips 10 - 25 mm) frozen, metal detected and packed. 

Which Zests are Available

We can supply citrus zest flavours in a variety of forms, including powder, granules, strips, chopped, shredded and strings, while the main citrus fruits in stock are oranges, limes and lemons. Mandarins and grapefruit zest are available on request.

How to Enquire

If you’re interested in ordering the fruit zests that we have available, give our experienced and knowledgeable team a call today on 01438 742 242 or complete our online contact form.

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