Functional Ingredients

Kanegrade is a leading global supplier of natural functional ingredients, also broadly known as 'phytonutrients' and 'nutraceuticals'. Functional Ingredients are ingredients which have:

  • Health-promoting
  • Energy boosting and/or
  • Disease preventing benefits

Over the centuries, specific plants have been thought to possess functional properties to aid human health. As research into the chemicals which makes up these plants has developed, the active ingredients which cause those benefits have been isolated and identified. 

These active ingredients have been categorised into a complex variety of Classes and Sub-classes based on their chemical structure. They are known as 'secondary metabolites'; not involved with normal human growth and development, but rather a person's health, energy levels, and 'survivability' in their environment.

The ingredients which will be added to your finished product, is likely to be an extract from a natural source of the active ingredient. This may impart some flavour so it's wise to choose a natural-sounding ingredient and one where any taste will complement your product.

Through various methods of extraction, the amount of active ingredient from the source is concentrated to increase the health benefit. All specifications will mention the levels of the active ingredient, class or sub-class, usually expressed as a percentage with varying strengths available on some products.

Extracts are not always possible or practical in which case the a pure material from a source high in the active ingredient can be supplied.

Including functional food ingredients to your end-product adds a compelling selling point for your end-consumer, or these can be purchased to be used in supplements or powder mixes.  


Functional Ingredient Raw Material Class, Active Ingredient  Reported Function
Apigenin Parsley Flavonoids, Flavones, Apigenin Antioxidant. Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory. Hypocholesterolemic
Apigenin 7 Glucoside Dandelion Coffee Flavonoids, Flavones, Apigenin 7 Glucoside Antioxidant. Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory. Hypocholesterolemic
Artichoke Extract Artichoke Hydroxycinnamic acids, Caffeic Acid Antioxidant. Anticholesterolemic. Hepatoprotective
Bearberry Extract Bearberry - Antioxidant
Carrot Extract Carrots Carotenoids, Beta Carotene Antioxidant
Carrot Extract Carrots Carotenoids, Lutein Maintains healthy vision
Blueberry Leaf Extract Blueberry Leaf - Antioxidant
Bitter Citrus Extract     Antioxidant. Vasoprotective.
Camellia Sinensis Extract     Antioxidant
Chamomile Extract     Sedative. Anti-anxiety. Anti-inflammatory. Antispasmodic.
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex     Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory.
Citrus Extract     Colour. Flavour
Citroflavin     Antioxidant. Radioprotective
Citrolive     Antioxidant. Hypocholesterolemic.
D-xylose     Flavour raw material
Echinacea Purpurea     Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Immune system enhancer
Echinacea Angustifolia     Antioxidant. Immune system enhacer.
Ephedra     Stimulant
Garlic Extract     Antioxidant. Antimicrobial. Hypocholesterolemic
Grapefruit Extract     Antioxidant. Vasoprotective. Hypocholesterolemic
Grape Seed - Red     Antioxidant. Vasoprotective. Radioprotective
Grape Seed - White     Antioxidant. Vasoprotective. Radioprotective. Prevents impotence.
Grape Skin Extract     Antioxidant. Vasoprotective
Green Olive Leaf Extract     Antioxidant. Antimicrobial. Hypotensive. Hypocholesterolemic
Green Tea Extract     Antioxidant
Ginseng     Promotes Energy. Increases stamina.
Gingko Biloba Extract     Antioxidant. Vasoprotective. Hypocholesterolemic
Goldenseal     Antibiotic. Immunostimulatory. Sedative. Hypotensive.
Guarana     Reduce tiredness. Assist concentration.
Hesperedin     Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory. Hypocholesterolemic
Hesperidin Complex     Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory.
Hydroxytyrosol     Antioxidant. Antimicrobial
Kava     Calm body and mind without impairing alertness.
Labiatae Extract     Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Hypochoesterolemic
L-arabinose     Flavour raw material
Lemon Bioflavonoid Complex Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory.
Lovegae Root Powder Lovage root    
Milkthistle Extract     Hepatoprotectant
Naringin     Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory. Hypocholestorol.
Neohesperidin     Bitter agent
Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone     Flavour enhancer. Sweetener
Oleuropein     Antioxidant. Hypotensive. Hypocholesterolemic.
Olive Leaf Extract     Antioxidant. Hypotensive. Hypocholesterolemic
Oreganum Extract     Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Biocide.
Orange Bioflavonoid Complex     Vasoprotective. Anti-inflammatory.
Pine Bark     Strengthens capillaries preventing circulatory disorders.
Pomegranate Extract Powder     Anti - carcinogenic
Rosemary Extract     Antioxidant. Hypocholesterolemic. Anti-inflammatory.
Rosemarinic Acid     Antioxidant. Antimicrobial. Anti-inflammatory.
Sage Extract     Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Hypocholesterolemic.
Saw Palmetto     Helps to treat prostate disease and male urinary infection.
Senna Extract     Laxative
Senna Leaf Extract     Laxative properties.
Silymarin Compounds     Hepatoprotectant
Silybum Marianum Extract     Hepatoprotectant
Soy Isoflavones     Antioxidant. Estrogenic.
Spinach Extract Powder Leafy Green Vegetables (Spinach) Carotenoids, Zeaxanthin Maintains healthy vision
St Johns Wort     Anti-depressant. Anti-anxiety.
Thyme Extract     Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Hypocholesterolemic
Ursolic Acid     Antioxidant. Antimicrobial. Anti-inflammatory.
Valerian Extract     Sedative. Anti-anxiety. Anti-stress. Hypotensive.
Yohimbe     Prevents impotence.