Herbs + Spices

Herbs and Spices are the original flavours; they've been used as food flavouring for thousands of years. These parts of plants were discovered by early man to enhance food by imparting often complex, natural aromatic compounds to meals of proteins and other base sustenance. A little note on terminology:

Herbs - Leaves, Flowers, Stems of a plant
Spices - Seeds, Fruits, Roots, Bark or other part of the plant.

Herbs can be used fresh such as in the case of mint leaves, but often herbs and spices are more concentrated in flavour, easier to store and easier to use when dried (dehydrated). The drying of herbs and spices  is often done simply by leaving them in the sun, but they can be rapidly dried using hot air. 

The physical form of herbs and spices can be whole (e.g. Star Anise, Peppercorn Seed), crushed (e.g. Chilli) or ground-up as a powder (e.g. Turmeric powder).

Kanegrade supply herbs and spices either in whole pieces if this is the most common form, but also a range of ground powders. Due to shelf life and handling considerations, all our herbs and spices are dried, rather than fresh. Also there can be issues with seasonal availability of certain herbs and spices. We welcome your enquiry, please select the product you require and fill in the online form.