Natural Food Colours

At Kanegrade we develop natural colours and colouring extracts that help food look its most delicious.

Colour lost during processing might need to be boosted, or in applications such as confectionery, colour may need to be introduced to maximise the full gestalt of flavour perception. Kanegrade has been supplying natural colour solutions for food, beverage and pharma applications for over 35 years.

If you're looking for a general set of natural colours, then let us know by filling-in our enquiry form, or if you know which food colour you require, please click below for more information.


Natural Extracts

Natural colours which are used solely for their colouring properties are defined by the EU as an additive and assigned an E-number. For an even more clean label solution, natural extracts can be used. Whilst these have good colouring properties, natural extracts are are classed as an ingredient and therefore do not have an E-number. Since their colouring components are not isolated, they may also retain some of their flavouring properties so a complementing ingredient should be chosen. These extracts are often a source natural antioxidants too, so they create a well-rounded food enhancing product.

Our highly knowledgeable team ensure we only recommend products which will work in your application, using a meticulous process to ensure the pH, dosage level, exposure to light and processing temperature are all correct,. We also offer a bespoke blending service to achieve the most precise colours. We pride ourselves on the extensive range of our natural extracts and colours. All of our products come in the strength and solubility to suit you, and there are water soluble, oil soluble and spray dried forms available.

Apart from traditional colours required in food, there are other natural food colours which may be required. For example:

Blends - Multiple natural colours can be blended to achieve a unique colour shade in the final food or beverage application. 

Metallic - There are approved natural colours which will give a silver finish, ideal for cake decoration.

Pearlescent - Also available for decorations are pearlescent natural food colours approved  for food. These are usually made with a combination of Mica and Titanium Dioxide / Iron Oxide.

For more information regarding any of our natural colours and extracts, don’t hesitate to contact our team on +44 (0)1438 742 242 today.