Natural Pink Food Colour

There are many shades of pink represented in foods, notable fruits such as watermelon, raspberry, pink grapefruit and quite often strawberry. We find pink foods desirable, also because it is a natural tone, and we often eat meat when it is pink in colour such as in sausages.

Pink is commonly used in sugar icing, confectionery and sweet deserts, the sight of pink giving a sweetness to the gestalt of flavour perception. Conversely, pink may be required to colour sausages in which case it contributes to a savoury and meaty perception. 

Pink food colour is obtained form multiple sources including carmine, anthocyanins, lycopenes and betanins. Often a pinkish hue is obtained by adjusting the pH of the colour added. For this reason expertise is required when a pink colour is required in your food products. Kanegrade can assist with this, so enquire with us if you require pink food colour.

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Page 1 of 1:    2 Items
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