Natural Yellow Food Colour

Yellow foods are widely found in nature with bananas, lemons, sweetcorn all having bright natural yellow colour. These fruits and vegetables attract the eye, and make them desirable to humans with an association of nutrients essential to a healthy diet. Many processed foods are yellow as well including cheese, baked snacks, pasta and crisps.

Yellow food colour must be added if manufacturing with a flavour from a yellow-coloured food, and no colour was present initially, such as in confectionery and beverages. Also yellow must often be boosted if naturally-occurring yellow colour fades during high temperature processing, often the case with baked snacks. Cheese and spreads are also prone to losing colour, so adding natural yellow colours can improve a pale appearance.

There are many naturally-occurring pigments which can be used as yellow food colours, and choosing the appropriate one depends on the application and requires expertise and experience. Some of the yellow pigments include Curcumin, Riboflavin, Lutein, Beta-Carotene and Bixin/Norbixin. Each of these is isolated from various sources which are rich in the original pigment, these may be fruits, roots or seeds.

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