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Here at Kanegrade we have noticed 5 upward trends in UK food & drink products and they are all due to the major health benefits.






Turmeric has recently been rediscovered due to its major health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory and a very strong antioxidant which can help lower your risk of infections and some forms of cancer.


Although it is being used in many recipes & capsule form, the current trend is for turmeric drinks. A turmeric shot (mixed with ginger, lemon or honey), a turmeric latte which is available in some of the most popular coffee shops or the most popular Golden Milk or sometimes known as Golden Tea.


Golden milk is usually made by adding honey and vanilla extract into milk (any milk can be used; soya, almond, or coconut for example). Heat until dissolved and add one teaspoon of turmeric, reduce heat and continue stirring until flavours are all blended. Pass the mixture through a strainer and enjoy. Some people like to add fresh ginger and peppercorns as well to give it some extra flavour, whichever way you choose to make yours, what a lovely way to enjoy such great health benefits.






Coconut is very popular at the moment in all forms. Whether it’s coconut milk, water, flesh, flour or oil, it has some amazing health benefits which include:

The prevention of heart disease due to the fact that it increases good cholesterol and lowers the ratio of bad and good cholesterol.

As it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasite it supports immune system health. 

It improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Helps protect against kidney disease and bladder infections.

As well as promoting weight loss it is good for hair and skin and helps prevent wrinkles and age spots.

So, whether it’s for eating, drinking or cooking coconut is always a good choice.







Yuzu is a sour Japanese citrus fruit. It is described as being a cross between a grapefruit and a lime and the size of a tangerine but with its own distinct taste. It is not usually eaten straight but used for its sour taste from the juice and zest.


It is believed that digesting the yuzu fruit helps fight off any winter colds and flu and is very good for healing chapped skin.

It is used in cooking, baking, liquors, sweets and sauces and is now quite commonly used in tea due to the high level of vitamin C it contains.





Gone are the days of the ready salted or salt & vinegar bag of crisps with your lunch, there is a whole new trend for vegetable crisps.

The most popular being made from parsnip, beetroot and sweet potato. Although they are roughly the same in calories as the potato crisp the sodium level is lower and the vitamins and nutrients are higher. So overall a much healthier and tastier snack.

To make it even healthier you can make them yourself, thinly slice vegetables season and bake. You can even make them with Brussel sprouts!



There has been a huge rise in the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks. It is due to the fact that a lot of people are becoming more health conscious and non-alcoholic drinks are becoming a lot more exciting.

For example you could have a non-alcohol gin to have with a flavoured tonic water, or a glass of non-alcoholic prosecco, red or white wine. A lot of restaurants and bars offer a large selection of non-alcoholic cocktails and with the rise in purchasing of juicers and blenders a lot of people are making their own at home. It’s a lot healthier and cheaper.