Dairy Ingredients Available from Kanegrade

Thursday, 11 May 2017  |  Admin

Dairy Ingredients – Available from Kanegrade

Butter Powder (Normal & Creamy Type)
Butter Milk Powder (Mild, Extra Strong)
Cheese Powder (All Types of Speciality Cheese)
Italian Hard Cheese
Cream Powder
Greek Style Yogurt Powder
Mascarpone Powder
Quark Powder – 45% Protein, 60% Protein
Yogurt Powder – Mild, Extra Stong

Organic Dairy Ingredients

Organic Cheese Powder
Organic Whey Powder Sweet
Organic Yogurt Powder

Natural Dairy Flavours

All varieties of speciality cheese flavour
Cheese (NI)
Cheese (Natural )
Italian Hard Cheese
Condensed Milk Flavour
Cream Fresh Powder
Fresh Milk Flavour
Natural Butter Distillate
Sour Cream