Food Ingredients for the Bakery Industry

Thursday, 24 April 2014  |  Admin

bakery ingredients

The bakery sector is a very important part of the food service industry. Manufacturers are becoming more innovative with their product offerings to cater for consumer demand. Chocolate for bakery has always been a key ingredient for many product lines and applications and continues to be a favourite amongst consumers.

Here at Kanegrade we pride ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of bakery ingredients for the food industry. Kanegrade has gained increasing popularity amongst manufacturers due to its diverse range and is constantly working with development teams to create ingredients for their next product launches. These ingredients are used in bakery applications such as; biscuits/cookies, cakes, pastries and sweet breads. Kanegrade has developed an exclusive line of products that are heat and bake stable;

Colours– Natural or nature identical and liquid or powder

Flavours– Natural or nature identical and liquid or powder (Milk, Dark, White, Creamy)

Chocolate Inclusions– Truffle pieces, shavings, pieces, oreo style crumble, cubes, bittersweet brownie pieces, coated honeycomb, coated meringue, caramel filled pieces, white chocolate crunchy biscuit, sponge cake pieces, cookie dough pieces, coated shortcake biscuits, cocoa biscuits and many more on request.

Sauces– Chocolate Fudge Ribbon, chocolate fudge sauce.

Kanegrade’s expert team has heavily invested it’s time and resources in creating ingredients which use the highest quality raw materials. Our technical team is always on hand to provide assistance with the composition and properties of these products.