Ingredients for Premium Chocolate

Friday, 5 September 2014  |  Admin



Much of the chocolate that is consumed today comes in the form of sweet chocolate with the premium range using some of the finest ingredients from around the world. Chocolate now ranks as one of the most popular food types and flavours in the world. Manufacturers are producing a vast array of food stuffs involving chocolate in helping them achieve the ultimate taste sensations.


The premium chocolate market continues to grow and embrace the mainstream as it is seen as an affordable luxury that consumers cannot resist. The purchase of premium chocolate is mainly down to impulse buying and is now becoming everyday amongst some consumers. Palettes are becoming more sophisticated so the demand for newer taste profiles and chocolaty combinations is increasing.


Manufacturers are becoming more aware of the premium chocolate market and how the demand still remains consistently high even with the prices for cocoa powder escalating.
Here at Kanegrade we pride ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of chocolate ingredients for the food industry. Kanegrade has gained increasing popularity amongst manufacturers due to its diverse range and is constantly working with development teams to create ingredients for their next product launches. Kanegrade has developed an exclusive line of products that are heat and bake stable ingredients designed for the creation of premium chocolates.

• Colours– Natural or nature identical and liquid or powder; a popular colour used is caramel to achieve a brown shade.

• Flavours– Natural or nature identical and liquid or powder; popular chocolate flavours are milk, dark, white all with a creamy profile as well as toffee/fudge, caramel….

• Freeze Dried Fruit Pieces & Powders– Most fruit types available

• Candied ingredients– Fruit pieces & citrus zests

• Fruit Crunchies– Often used to add a fruity crunchy texture to chocolates

• Sauces– Chocolate Fudge Ribbon, chocolate fudge sauce, caramel sauce


Kanegrade can offer many other ingredients available on request as well as organic variants.
Kanegrade’s expert team has heavily invested it’s time and resources in creating ingredients which use the highest quality raw materials. Our technical team is always on hand to provide assistance with the composition and properties of these products.