Replacing Artificial Colours and Flavours in Food Manufacturing

Tuesday, 3 June 2014  |  Admin


Kanegrade has recognised that consumers are making critical choices in going towards natural ingredients and clean labels in the food and drink they consume. New legislation is being rolled out by governments around the World (notably in the EU, ME and Russia) to stymie the use of artificial colours and flavours due to the adverse effects they can have on people’s health.

Technical implementation advice

Natural colours are a healthier substitute to artificial colours and one of Kanegrade’s specialities is to work with you to provide technical implementation advice on replacing artificial colours in your production and work with you to develop and supply natural alternatives. We may suggest using natural extracts with no E numbers (i.e. extracts from vegetable origin & vegetable blends) for finished products with even cleaner labels.

Choice of flavours

Another one of our core competencies are flavours which are developed in our flavour division. Kanegrade takes great pride in the quality and choice of flavours that we are able to offer our customers and have developed an exciting and extensive range. These flavours are available as liquids, powders and emulsions which come as either natural or nature identical. Our flavours are supplied to manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bakery products, dairy goods & ice cream, sugar confectionery, soft drinks and savoury products (fish, meat, poultry and vegetables).

Bespoke ranges

These colours and flavours have been created by our experienced development team who work closely with our clients to create innovative and bespoke ranges designed especially for our customers new product launches. The company works with its customers on factors such as pH, dosage level, processing temperature and light exposure to recommend the correct ingredients and achieve the desired colours and flavours in the finished product.

Clients in over 80 countries worldwide

Our geographic reach is global and we are supplying our natural flavours and colours to clients in over 80 countries worldwide, ranging from small niche manufacturers to major international corporations.