Nuts and Nut Products

Kanegrade is a major supplier of Natural Nuts and Processed Nut Products.

  • The range includes: Plain Nuts, Pralines, Nougats, Pastes, Caramelised and Chocolate-covered Nuts and Nut products.
  • The nuts we offer are available in various sizes and shapes: Whole, Stick, Nibbed and Meal forms.
  • The nuts are either Raw or Roasted and all come vacuum-packed to preserve maximum freshness.

Application areas include: bakery (sweet & savoury pies, brownies, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries, filling), breakfast cereals & mueslis, cereal bars, confectionery (choclate fillings & pralines), decoration (bakery & salads), desserts & puddings, ice-cream, nut loaves, peanut butter, pesto sauces, snacks, sweet & savoury sauces.

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