Organic Ingredients

Kanegrade is a leading Organic Ingredients supplier to the food industry.

There is increasing consumer demand for organic ingredients which have been produced without the use of:

Chemical fertilisers, Pesticides, Other harmful chemicals

Our organic products are certified by the Organic Soil Association.


Organic Stock:
Herb – Standard, Low Salt, Without Salt, Mexican, Onion, Tomato, Vegetable

Organic Mixed Herbs & Spices:
Bolognese Spice Mix, Curry Mix, Garden Herb Mix, Gravy Mix, Herbs Provençale Mix, Italian Spice Mix, Macaroni Spice Mix, Mustard Mix, Nettle Mix, Onion & Garlic Mix, Oregano Spice Mix, Pizza base Spice Mix, Pizza Spice Mix, Salad Dressing Herb Mix, Savoury Dishes Mix

On Salt:
Herb Salt, Herb & Spice Salt, Onion Salt, Garlic Salt

Other Organic ingredients

Here is a list of just some of the other Organic Ingredients available from Kanegrade. If you have a specific requirement, please do not hestitate to contact us. Simply click on the enquiry button above.

To enquire about these products please click on Enquiry.

Agave Syrup
Apricots (Dried)
Apricot Paste
Cane Molasses
Cane Sugar
Caramel Colour (Liquid and Powder)
Caramel Flavour Liquid
Chocolate (Dark, Milk, and White)
Chocolate Chips (Dark)
Chocolate Chunks (Dark, Milk and White)
Cocoa Butter (Deodorized)
Cocoa Liquor
Cocoa Powder (Blackened, Dutch and Natural)
Coconut Desiccated (Fine, Medium and Chips)
Coconut Creamed
Coconut Oil
Coconut Milk (Fresh & Frozen)
Figs (Diced & Paste)
Hazelnuts (Diced, Whole & Roasted)
Liquefied Invert Cane Sugar
Liquefied Cane Sugar
Full Cream Milk Powder 26% – spray dried
Skimmed Milk Powder – spray dried
Sultana Paste
Sultanas (Oiled)
Thomson Seedless Raisins Oil Treated
Yoghurt Powder – spray dried

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