Organic Sugar and Sugar Products

Kanegrade now offers conventional demerara and a range of ORGANIC sugars. Demerara is also called brown sugar or raw cane sugar.

  • Our range of sugars we currently offer:

Conventional demerara      Colour ICUMSA 1200 – 2800
Organic demerara              Colour ICUMSA 1200 – 2800
Organic golden (LP)           Colour ICUMSA 600 – 1000
Organic light golden (HP)    Colour ICUMSA 300 – 600
Organic extra light (XHP)    Colour ICUMSA 200 – 350

Packing: 25kg paper bags on pallets 40 x 25kg net shrinkwrapped or 1.000kg big bags

Demerara/Brown Sugar (conventional & organic) is a deep brown sugar loaded with the richness of tropical sugarcane flavour.

It has a rich brown color ranging from 1200 – 2800 ICUMSA.

Produced by a specialized co-crystallization process to provide consistent flavour, colour, and soft texture. It contains moist fine crystals making it ideal for creaming and simple to use.

It contains 11 calories/ 5ml or 4 grams (1tsp) as compared to the 16 calories of ordinary white sugar. Not only this, it also contains 187 milligrams of calcium, 56 of phosphorous, 4.8 of iron, 757 of potassium & 97 of sodium, compared to only scant traces of those nutrients found in granulated white sugar.

It is ideal for hot/ cold beverages, sprinkling on cereals, glazing hams, or as a topping on cakes and cookies. Its natural moistness and deep, rich molasses flavor makes it ideal for full-flavoured or savory recipes. Use it in brownies, coffee or chocolate cakes, fudge, BBQ sauce, marinades, sweet and sour sauce, and pancake syrups. It is the perfect choice for biscuits, this crunchy brown sugar provides that extra flavour, color & texture to the finished product.

It is best suited for use in moist crumbles, gingerbread, coffee or chocolate cakes, fudge, BBQ sauces, marinades, & cheesecake bases where its traditional flavor & color give perfect results every time. It adds an interesting flavour when stirred into coffee, espresso or tea.

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