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Other Ingredients

Kanegrade specialises in sourcing and supplying many hard-to-find and rare food ingredients from across the globe.

Whatever your requirement, with our product list of over 20,000ingredients, Kanegrade will be able to cater for your needs.

If you require a special food ingredient, or your NPD team requires any ideas or advice with a new project, please get in touch by clicking on the enquiry button above.

Below are a few examples of some of the rare ingredients that we stock.

Extracted Spices and Herbs on Salt

Kanegrade supplies Extracted Herbs and Spices on Salt.

The advantages of these products are total standardisation, practically sterile, good stability, strong natural taste and that they are free from artificial flavours and preservatives.

The applications for these include: Ready Meals, Mayonnaise, Dressings, Snacks.

Available products are:
Onion – Fresh

Honey Powder

A natural honey spray dried onto a maltodextrin carrier. Very good for use in coatings, flavours, marinades, sauces and ready meals.

Kanegrade is a supplier of Honey Powder.

Inactive Yeast Powders

Kanegrade supplies Inactive Yeast Powders.

These are suitable for vegetarians, and they are also available in a direct compression grade, which is suitable for tablets.

Applications include Dry Mixes, Gravy Powders and Granules, Snack Flavourings, Coatings, Marinades, Vegetarian Products, Yeast Tablets.

Brewers Yeast Powder
Torula Yeast Powder
Molasses Yeast Powder


Kanegrade supplies an extensive range of Seasonings which are powder based. They are suitable for extruded snacks, nut coatings, sauces, ready meals, convenience foods, dips and crisps.

Spice Oleoresins and Spice Oils

Kanegrade supplies Spice Oleoresins and Spice Oils. These are available as oil, a powder on salt, or as a liquid. Applications are Flavours, Sauces, Meat Glazes, Dry Mixes, Coatings and Seasonings.
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Tamarind Concentrate

Available in both powder and liquid forms. Tamarind Concentrate, with its characteristic sweet and sour taste, is ideal for use in marinades, ready meals, ethnic dishes and sauces.

Wine Concentrate

Kanegrade supplies both Red and White Wine Concentrate.

These are available in liquid concentrate and spray dried powder forms.

The wine extracts are free from alcohol and very rich in top note flavours. Wine concentrates are a natural source of polyphenols making them ideal for use in health foods.