Savouries, Veg, Meat and Fish Flavours

There is a wide range of flavours used in the manufacture of savoury food products. Our range has been specially developed and all flavours are suitable for finished products such as ready meals, pies, soups and snacks.

If you require a flavour which is not listed, please enquire.

Fish Flavours Anchovy, Cajun, Crawfish, Crab (Fresh, Tinned), Fish, Fish Sauce, How, Lobster (Cooked, Fresh), Mackerel, Prawn (Fresh, Grilled), Salmon (Baked, Fresh, Smoked), Sardine (Fresh, Grilled), Scampi (Fresh, Grilled)
Meat Flavours Bacon (Boiled, Smokey), Beef (Canned, Cooked, Roast), Chicken (Boiled, Fried, Roast), Ham (Boailed, Roast, Smoked), Pork (Boiled, Roast, Smoked)
Powder Flavours Beef (Canned, Cooked, Roast), Butter, Cheese, Chicken, Chilli, Cream, Cream Panna, Ketchup (Spicy), Onion, Pizza Seasoning, Yoghurt
Vegetable Flavours Asparagus, Carrot (Cooked, Fresh, Tinned), Celery (Cooked, Fresh, Green, Seed), Cucumber, Garlic, Mushroom (Cooked, Fresh, Fried), Onion (Fresh, Fried, Toasted), Potato, Runner Bean, Sweetcorn, Sweet Pepper, Tomato (Fresh, Puree, Ripe, Sun-Dried), Tomato Ketchup (Liquid Flavour)
Misc Flavours Bread (Fresh Baked, Yeasty), Butter (Cooked, Creamy, Fresh, Melted), Cereal, Cheese (Blue, Cheddar, Creamy), Chilli, Clove (Bud, Stem), Coriander, Cracker Flavours, Fat (Beef Fat, Lard), Ghee (Buttery, Traditional), Oat (Natural, Toasted), Olive Oil (Fresh, Green, Natural), Paprika (Traditional), Pizza, Potato (Cream, Fried, Roast), Rice (Baked, Fragrance), Saffron, Sesame (Natural, Toasted), Smoke (Hickory, Traditional)


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