Soft Drink flavours

Here at Kanegrade we are proud developers and suppliers of natural flavourings for a range of manufacturers in the soft drink industry. We provide an extensive selection of soft drink flavours to help you to come up with the most refreshing and varied drinks flavours possible.

We understand that finding quality flavours without compromising on the quality can be difficult, as you want to be able to include high-end ingredients in your drinks without having to increase the overall product price, which is where we can help.

Natural Drink Flavours

With many soft drink manufacturers always looking for alternative cola flavours and trying to find something that little bit different that can compare to international products; you need to be able to find something unique. We have managed to create a selection of products within these criteria with a different top note or even being slightly more spicy, creamy or citrus.

So if you are looking for a selection of natural soft drink flavours for your products, make sure that we here at Kanegrade are your first port of call. As we offer every imaginable soft drink and flavoured water flavour, you can be sure that we are definitely the supplier you need. Call us today on +44 (0)1438 742 242 to speak to a member of our team.


A Apple (Dessert, Green, Fresh, Red), Apricot (Fresh, Ripe)
B Banana (Fresh, Green, Ripe), Blackberry (Fresh, Juicy, Ripe), Blackcurrant (Fresh, Fruity, Juicy), Blueberry (Floral, Fruity, Juicy)
C Cherry (Blackheart, Morello, Fresh, Wild), Cider (Traditional), Cider Sala, Citrus (Fresh, Juicy), Cloud Neutral, Cloud, Coconut (Creamy, Fresh, Milk), Coffee (Continental, Dark, Fresh, Light), Coffee Colour and Flavour, Cola (Citrus, Creamy, Fresh, Spicy, Matches of popular American types), Cranberry (Cooked, Fresh), Cream Soda American
D Dandelion & Burdock
E Elderflower
F Forest Fruits (Fresh, Fruity, Ripe), Frambozan
G Ginger Heading, Ginger Ale (Traditional), Grape (Concord, Green, Red, Wine), Grapefruit (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Grapefruit Booster, Guava (Fresh, Juicy, Pink)
H Herbal
J Jackfruit
K Kalamansi, Kewra, Kirsch, Kiwi (Fresh, Green, Ripe)
L Lemon/Lime (Fresh, Fruity, Juicy, Peely), Lemon Soluble (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Lime Soluble (Fresh, Juicy, Peely, Green), Lychee (Fruity, Floral)
M Mandarin Soluble (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Mango (Alphonso, Fresh, Philippines, Ripe), Maraschino (Fresh, Juicy), Melon (Fresh, Ripe, Sweet), Mixed Fruits (Fresh, Juicy)
O Orange Soluble (Fresh, Juicy, Sweet), Orange Bitter (Peely)
P Passion Fruit (Fresh, Fruity, Juicy), Peach (Fresh, Ripe, White, Yellow), Pear (Fresh, Fruity, Juicy, Ripe), Pearade, Pineapple (Canned, Fresh, Juicy), Pomegranate
Q Quinine Tonic
R Raspberry (Canned, Fresh, Juicy, Ripe), Rose (Floral)
S Sarsaparilla (Creamy), Strawberry (Creamy, Fresh, Green, Ripe)
T Tangerine Soluble (Fresh, Fruity, Juicy, Peely), Tomato (Canned, Fresh, Green), Tropical Fruits (Canned, Fresh, Juicy)
V Vino (Fruity, Traditional)
W Water Melon (Fresh, Sweet), Wine (Red, Sparkling, White)
EMULSIONS Apple, Cola, Guava, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Mixed Fruit, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry


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