Sugar and Confectionery Flavours

The confectionery market has a huge stake in the food industry with its extensive selection of sweets and chocolates. In order for the flavours of these sweets and chocolates to be well-liked and marketable they need to be made from the best ingredients. Here at Kanegrade we supply an incredibly large range of confectionery flavours for you to choose from depending on what product you are looking to produce.

With over 25 years of experience within the industry you can be sure that we here at Kanegrade know exactly what we are doing and can supply you with the highest quality of confectionery flavours. As we price all of our products extremely competitively, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Sweet Flavourings

Our sweet flavourings vary from traditional fruit and mint flavours, to a selection of more diverse and specialist flavours so you can create the perfect piece of confectionery. We have managed to build an impressive reputation for ourselves due to our fantastic customer service and helpful manner. We believe that going the extra mile is what it takes to ensure that each and every client is completely happy with the products we supply, and feel well looked after throughout their experience with us.

If you are interested in our sweet flavourings or can’t find the particular flavour you are looking for, give us a call today on +44 (0)1438 742 242 to speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team who will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

A Almond (Bitter, Roasted, Sweet), Aniseed (Traditional), Apricot (Canned, Dried, Fresh)
B Banana (Fresh, Green, Ripe), Barley (Roasted), Bergamot Oil, Bilberry, Blackberry (Fresh, Jammy, Tinned), Blackcurrant (Fresh, Jammy, Tinned), Blueberry (Fresh), Butter (Cooked, Creamy, Fresh, Melted), Buttermint (Buttery, Minty), Butterscotch (Burnt, Creamy, Lemony)
C Cachou Violet (Fragrant), Caramel (Burnt, Creamy, Rich, Vanilla), Cardamom, Cassia, Cherry (Blackheart, Fresh, Jammy, Morello, Tinned, Wild), Chocolate (Cocoa, Creamy, Dark, Milk, White), Cinnamon Oils, Citrus Flavour (Fresh, Juicy), Clove Bud Oil (Bud, Stem), Cocoa (Creamy, Dark, Milk, White), Coconut (Creamy, Fresh, Milk, Toasted), Coffee (Continental, Dark, Fresh, Light), Cola (Citrus, Creamy, Fresh, Spicy), Coriander, Cranberry (Cooked, Fresh), Cream (Clotted, Fresh, Sour, Vanilla), Cream Cornish (Traditional), Cream Custard (Creamy, Vanilla), Cream Panna, Cream Soda (Creamy, Floral)
D Durian
E Egg & Milk, Eucalyptus Oils
F Fantasy, Fior de Latte, Forest Fruits (Fresh, Fruity, Ripe), Frambozan
G Ghee (Buttery, Traditional), Ginger (Green, Lemony, Traditional), Ginseng, Grape (Concord, Green, Red), Grapefruit Oil (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Guava (Fresh, Juicy, Pink)
H Hawlah, Hazelnut (Fresh, Roasted), Honey (Country, Floral, Natural)
J Jackfruit, Juicy Fruit (Berry, Fresh, Juicy)
K Kalamansi Oils, Kewra, Kirsch, Kiwi (Fresh, Green, Ripe), Kumquat
L Lemon Bitter (Peely), Lemon/Lime (Fresh), Lemon Oil (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Lime Oil (Juicy, Peely, Sweet)
M Malt, Mandarin (Fresh, Juicy, Peely), Mango (Alphonso, Fresh, Philippines, Ripe), Maple, Maraschino (Candy, Fresh, Fruity), Melon (Fresh, Ripe, Sweet), Milk (Creamy, Chocolate, Fresh, Malted), Milk Condensed, Milk Evaporated, Milk Toffee (Buttery, Creamy, Vanilla), Mocha, Molasses (Traditional)
N Novels, Nut (Fresh, Roasted)
O Orange Oil (Bitter, Fresh, Juicy, Sweet)
P Pandan, Pandoro, Panetonne (Citrus, Vanilla), Papaya, Passion Fruit (Canned, Fresh), Peach (Fresh, Ripe, Tinned, White, Yellow), Peanut (Fresh, Roasted), Pear (Dessert, Fresh, Tinned), Pecan (Fresh, Roasted), Peppermint Oil (American, Brazilian, Chinese), Pineapple (Fresh, Juicy, Tinned), Pistachio (Dried, Toasted), Plum (Dessert, Fresh, Tinned), Pomegranate, Praline (Nutty, Roasted, Vanilla), Prune (Fruity, Jammy)
Q Quince
R Raisin (Fruity, Traditional), Raspberry (Fresh, Jammy, Juicy, Ripe, Tinned), Redcurrant (Fresh, Juicy, Sharp), Rhubarb (Fresh, Stewed), Rose (Floral), Rum (Caribbean, Dark, Light, Sarsaparilla)
S Spearmint Oils (American, Blended), Strawberry (Fresh, Green, Jammy, Ripe), Sugar Brown, Sugar Burnt, Swiss Herbs, Syrup Golden (Traditional)
T Tangerine Oils (Fresh, Juicy), Toffee (Buttery, Creamy, Milk), Toffee Milk, Tropical Fruits (Fresh, Juicy, Tinned), Tutti Frutti
V Vanillla (Beany, Buttery, Creamy, Traditional), Vanilla Cream, Vino (Fruity, Traditional), Violet (Floral)
W Walnut (Fresh, Roasted), Water Melon (Fresh, Sweet), Whisky
Y Yoghurt (Creamy, Fresh, Natural)
COUGH DROP FLAVOURS Aniseed/Menthol/Eucalyptus, Blackcurrant/Menthol, Clove, Cherry Menthol, Eucalyptus, Honey/Menthol, Medicinal, Mentholyptus, Minty, Old Fashioned, Spicy, Swiss Herbal
LIQUEUR FLAVOURS Brandy, Coffee Cream, Gin, Irish Cream, Orange Rum, Schnapps, Sambucca, Coffee, Scottish Cream, Whisky, Liquorice


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