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There are a huge range of options for sweetening finished products, without choosing sugar itself. Selecting the correct option can attribute benefits to your product such as:

  • Clean Label
  • Natural Sounding
  • Low/No Calorie
  • Enhance Taste

Kanegrade is a major supplier of natural sweetening ingredients, which avoid the negative connotations of added sugar. These can be used for a wide range of applications including:
Beverages, Cakes, Cereal Bars, Cookies ,Granola, Yoghurts, Ready Meals, Cereals, Snacks

If you require natural sweetness to be added to your finished product OR you would like to replace the sugar in your product, then please enquire with us by clicking here:

Clean label, Liquid Sweeteners

Apple Juice ConcentrateLiquid
Apple Juice Concentrate De-ionisedLiquidcolour, flavour removed, transparent liquid. sugar 67g/100g
Grape Juice ConcentrateLiquid
Grape Juice Concentrate De-IonisedLiquidcolour, flavour removed, transparent liquid
Date Juice ConcentrateLiquid
Prune Juice ConcentrateLiquid
Banana PureeLiquidIdeal for smoothie base
Agave Syrup / NectarLiquid
Maple SyrupLiquid
Caramel SyrupLiquid
Coconut SyrupLiquid
Brown Rice SyrupLiquid

*For De-ionised juice concentrates, these may be labelled as ‘Apple Extract’, ‘Grape Extract’.

Clean label, Powder Sweeteners

Honey PowderPowder
Banana PowderPowder
Molasses PowderPowder
Maple Syrup PowderPowder
Coconut PowderPowder

Whilst the above clean label ingredients can be suitable for some applications, for others a more direct sugar substitute / replacement may be more required. In those cases, Kanegrade can advise on and supply the following  natural/artificial sugar replacers. To enquire about these, please click here.

Other Sweeteners

ProductLiquid/PowderNatural/ArtificialCaloriesSweetness vs. SugarNotes
SteviaBothNaturalVery Low / Zero300 timesAfter-taste
MaltitolBothNatural50% Calories of sugar1:1Safe for teeth
SorbitolBothNatural60% Calories of sugar60%Low GI
SucraloseBothArtificialZero1000 timesHeat + pH stable
AspartameBothArtificialZero (in dosage used)200 timesAfter-taste
AcesulfameKBothArtificialZero (in dosage used)200 timesHeat + pH stable