Yoghurt Powders

Our yoghurt powders include everything from mild to extra sour strengths, allowing you to tailor your products to suit your customers’ tastes. Whether as a base ingredient or as part of a more dedicated yoghurt product, our yoghurt powders provide a rich and authentic taste with all the benefits of powdered products – such as longer shelf life and simpler storage.

We supply yoghurt powder in both smaller (from 25Kg) and larger quantities (800Kg palletloads), ensuring that you’re able to get the amounts you need for the size of your business and the scale of your food production output.

For a high quality yoghurt powder mix, look no further than us here at Kanegrade. In addition to our dairy-based powders, we do also stock a range of fruit flavoured powders, perfect for use as a flavouring base for our other yoghurt powders. From forest fruits to citrus and mixed berries to summer fruits, we have a comprehensive range of ingredients – everything you need to make incredibly high quality products for your customers.

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