At Kanegrade we develop natural colours that help food look its most delicious.

Colour lost during processing can be boosted, or in applications such as confectionery, colour should be introduced to maximise flavour perception.

Factors such as pH, heat and light exposure and legality in your market must be considered before an effective natural colour is selected.

This means it’s crucial to choose a natural colour partner with extensive manufacturing, legal and application expertise.

Vibrant & diverse raw materials found in nature…


Our food colours are created from the vibrant and diverse raw materials found in nature. Colours range from yellow, to orange, to red, to green, to purple, as well as black and white. Dosage can be adjusted to create unique shades and we also create custom blends to achieve your ideal colour tone.


Pigments are extracted and standardised such as:

  • Chlorophyll (Green)
  • Anthocyanin (Purple)
  • Curcumin (Yellow)
  • Capsanthin (Orange/Red)
  • Betanin (Red)

In fact we work with over 15 different natural pigments with E-numbers which are legally recognised as safe and effective food colourants.


We have created a full range of ‘clean label’ colouring foods with intrinsic colouring ability, but without E-numbers. Typically these are vegetable and fruit derived, such as Beetroot Liquid and Spinach Powder which are simply declared as an ingredient on your label.


Each colour is matched with an application system which ensures colour is retained throughout any processing and for the full shelf life of the end product. We’ve developed solutions for all types of applications including beverage, confectionery, bakery, dairy, meat, ice cream, sauces and many more. Our technologists are ready for your next application challenge.


Many of our natural colours are used by those who want to stop using artificial colours and we can give full technical advice on your changeover. We have also developed products such as a carmine replacer and an alternative to titanium dioxide.


Kanegrade has been developing and supplying natural colour solutions for food, beverage and pharma applications for over 40 years. We will work with your product developers to ensure the colour you want is achieved.

Some of the high quality colours available from Kanegrade:

Carthmaus (Safflower) colour
Curcumin (Turmeric) colour
Riboflavin (Various Sources) colour
Lutein (Marigold) colour Beta Carotene colour
(Carrot, Synthesised, Blakeslea) colour
Bixin (Annatto) colour
Norbixin (Annatto) colour
Capsanthin / Capsorubin colour
(Paprika) Apocarotenal colour
(Carrot) Carminic colour
Acid (Carmine) colour
Aronia Juice colour
Elderberry Juice colour
Anthocyanin colour
(Black Carrot, Hibiscus) colour
Carmine (Carminic Acid) colour
Lycopene (Tomato, Synthesised) colour
Anthocyanin (Red Cabbage) colour
Betanin (Beetroot) colour
Anthocyanin (Grape skin) colour
Spirulina colour Copper Chlorophyllin (Grass) colour
Copper Chlorophyll (Grass) colour
Chlorophyllin (Grass) colour
Chlorophyll (Grass) colour
Spinach Extract colour
Nettle Extract colour
Caramel colour Vegetable Carbon colour
Titanium Dioxide colour

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