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Extracts of plant material contain concentrated amounts of the aromatic, colouring or functional components of a raw material.

They can be used as an ingredient in a wide variety of food and beverage applications to impart colour, add flavour, deliver a health claim, or provide other technical functions such as bittering or foaming. These are also widely used in flavour manufacturing.

There are various ways to make an extract; the method chosen depends on the components needed, the raw material and what form you want the final extract to take.

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The form could be an oil, oleoresin, solid extract (high viscosity), fluid extract (low viscosity) or powder extract.

  • If there is a principal component being extracted the product may be stated with the percentage of that substance following the name e.g. Naringin 2%, Hesperidin 5% etc.
  • If a more concentrated version of the raw material is required, then a ratio of the concentration in comparison to the original material may be shown e.g. 3:1, 10:1.


These are an important sub category of extracts, since oils produced from herbs and spices are more concentrated in flavour and easier to use in food manufacturing than powdered spices.

  • Oil / Essential Oil – these are produced using steam distillation, a simple production process to produce a concentrated oil with all of the active components.
  • Oleoresin – these are produced using solvent extraction, with careful choice of the solvent these will result in an even higher concentration of required components.

Some Examples Of Available Herb And Spice Essential Oils:

Basil Bay Black Pepper
Cardamom Celery Seed Cinnamon Bark
Coriander Seed / Herb Garlic Nutmeg
Rosemary + others

Some examples of available Herb and Spice Oleoresins:

Black Pepper (Natural And Decolourised) Capsicum Celery Seed
Cinnamon Coriander Fennel
Fenugreek Garlic Ginger
Nutmeg Paprika Turmeric

These oils and oleoresins can be used in all areas of savoury food manufacturing – including ready meals, baked foods, sauces, soups, chutneys and flavour production.

Along with herb and spice oils, Kanegrade can also supply an extensive range of citrus and mint oils.


  • Oils: 1Kg to 25Kg jerry cans
  • Depending on oil / quantity required

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