Kanegrade develop flavours for leading Beverage, Bakery, Dairy, Savoury and Confectionery manufacturers. Use our flavours to boost existing aroma or introduce intense, lasting and unique flavour to your finished product. With over 40 years experience in the industry, we are ready to assist with your next requirement.

Thousands of flavours to suit every taste…


If you have a taste which you want to achieve, choose from our library of thousands of flavours – including fruit, sweet, savoury, meat, nut, fish, dairy, bakery, vegetable and more. We have many beverage flavours which match existing products already found on the shelves, as well as flavours to boost cocoa, coffee and cheese products.


We offer many variations to the standard flavours, allowing your end product to deliver a unique taste profile to the consumer. These variations include fresh, ripe, jammy, toasted, roasted, creamy, malted, stewed, fragrant – the possibilities are virtually limitless. We can also develop a completely new flavour for you, or recreate one found in an existing product.


You can choose flavours entirely derived from natural sources (Natural) or those created from synthesised natural flavour compounds (Nature-Identical). Our application technologists will advise on the form of flavour you require for your finished product, with liquids and powders both available. We also offer encapsulation technology to ensure flavour is only released at the right time.


As the legality of flavour raw materials is constantly evolving, it’s crucial to choose a flavour partner who are aware of global legislation. We keep up to date with allowable uses and maximum dosage rates which should be followed in your local market. We are able to deliver across the globe, on time and are always ready with technical support whenever it’s required.

Some of the high quality flavours available from Kanegrade:

Almond flavour Apple flavour Apricot flavour
Banana flavour Bilberry flavour Blackberry flavour
Blackcurrant flavour Blueberry flavour Butter flavour
Butterscotch flavour Caramel flavour Cherry flavour
Chocolate flavour Citrus flavour Cocoa flavour
Coconut flavour Coffee flavour Cranberry flavour
Forest Fruits flavour Golden Syrup flavour Grape flavour
Grapefruit flavour Guava flavour Hazelnut flavour
Honey flavour Kiwi flavour Lemon flavour
Lime flavour Lychee flavour Mandarin flavour
Mango flavour Maple flavour Melon flavour
Papaya flavour Passionfruit flavour Peach flavour
Peanut flavour Pear flavour Pecan flavour
Pineapple flavour Pistachio flavour Plum flavour
Pomegranate flavour Praline flavour Prune flavour
Raisin flavour Raspberry flavour Redcurrant flavour
Rhubarb flavour Rum flavour Strawberry flavour
Tangerine flavour Toffee flavour + Others
Pack size is normally 20kg

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