Fruit Juice Concentrates


Kanegrade are Worldwide suppliers of Fruit Juice Concentrates, ranging from Apple to Watermelon and every fruit in between. The pure juice is concentrated and filtered into a liquid which can be used in a multitude of applications or even simply diluted back to pure juice strength. We also offer de-ionised concentrates for natural sweetening, available in clarified and cloudy varieties.

Our fruit juice concentrate flavours:

Acerola concentrate Apple concentrate Apricot concentrate
Aronia concentrate Banana concentrate Bilberry concentrate
Blackberry concentrate Blackcurrant concentrate Blackthorn/sloe concentrate
Blueberry concentrate Boysenberry concentrate Cherry Sweet concentrate
Sour concentrate Clementine concentrate Cranberry concentrate
Damson concentrate Date concentrate Elderberry concentrate
Fig concentrate Gooseberry concentrate Grapefruit concentrate
Grape Red concentrate Grape White concentrate Guava concentrate
Kiwi concentrate Lemon concentrate Lime concentrate
Lingonberry concentrate Lychee concentrate Mango concentrate
Mandarin concentrate Melon concentrate Orange concentrate
Papaya concentrate Passionfruit concentrate Peach concentrate
Pear concentrate Pineapple concentrate Plum concentrate
Pomegranate concentrate Prune concentrate Quince concentrate
Raisin concentrate Raspberry concentrate Redcurrant concentrate
Rhubarb concentrate Rosehip concentrate Strawberry concentrate
Tamarind concentrate Watermelon concentrate + Others


  • Aseptic Bag-in-box: 20/25Kg
  • Jerry Cans: 20/25Kg
  • Drums: 200-265Kg
  • IBCs: 1000-1250Kg
  • Tanker Loads: 10 to 20 tonne

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