Fruit Pieces

We offer a large range of fruit pieces which are a crucial component in many application areas, see the table below.

There are a wide range of dehydrated fruits available including lemon, apple, banana, raspberry, strawberry and many more; in fact we offer pieces from over 30 different fruits.

We are also able to offer many variations to suit your application including:

  • Piece Size e.g Whole, Chopped 3-5mm, 4-9mm etc.
  • Sugar-Infused, Apple-Juice Infused
  • Segments, Shapes, Flakes
  • Candied (Sugar-Infused and Sugar Coated)
  • Rice-Flour Rolled (Free-flowing)
  • Formed (Natural colour and flavour on carrier) Bake stable
Acerola pieces Fig pieces Melon pieces
Apple pieces Gooseberry pieces Orange pieces
Apricot pieces Grape, Red pieces Papaya pieces
Banana pieces Grape, White pieces Passionfruit pieces
Bilberry pieces Grapefruit pieces Peach pieces
Blackcurrant pieces Guava pieces Pear pieces
Blueberry pieces Kiwi pieces Pineapple pieces
Boysenberry pieces Lemon pieces Plum pieces
Cherry Sweet / Sour pieces Lime pieces Pomegranate pieces
Cranberry pieces Lingonberry pieces Quince pieces
Damson pieces Lychee pieces Raspberry pieces
Date pieces Mandarin pieces Redcurrant pieces
Elderberry pieces Mango pieces Strawberry pieces
Tamarind pieces + Others


  • Powders: Usually 25kg
  • Fruit Pieces: 5kg to 25kg
  • Others on request.

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