Fruit Powders

Kanegrade is proud to produce a wide range of Fruit Powders which are used in hundreds of applications including confectionery, sauces, protein mixes, fillings and many more. These are fine, normally highly soluble powders with long shelf life, making them ideal for use in food manufacturing.

Depending on the process suited to the fruit these powders may be either:

  • Belt/roller/drum-dried (fruits are heated then milled)
  • Spray-dried (juice is sprayed through a nozzle at high temperature to result
  • Vacuum-dried (heated in vacuum, meaning lower temperature required for water evaporation)
  • Freeze-dried (frozen in a vacuum chamber meaning water sublimates out)

Our full range contains over 30 fruits including the following:

Acerola powder Fig powder Melon powder
Apple powder Gooseberry powder Orange powder
Apricot powder Grape, Red powder Papaya powder
Banana powder Grape, White powder Passionfruit powder
Bilberry powder Grapefruit powder Peach powder
Blackcurrant powder Guava powder Pear powder
Blueberry powder Kiwi  powder Pineapple powder
Boysenberry powder Lemon powder Plum powder
Cherry Sweet / Sour powder Lime powder Pomegranate powder
Cranberry powder Lingonberry powder Quince powder
Damson powder Lychee powder Raspberry powder
Date powder Mandarin powder Redcurrant powder
Elderberry powder Mango powder Strawberry powder
Tamarind powder + Others


  • Powders: Usually 25kg
  • Fruit Pieces: 5kg to 25kg
  • Others on request.

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