Fruit Purees & Purees Concentrates


These contain juice as well as the fibrous material from the fruit, to be used in applications such as smoothies. They are offered with or without sugar, with or without seeds. We also have puree concentrates available where water is removed to strengthen the flavour.


Also known as Distillates or Aromas, Fruit Esters are made from condensing the volatiles during the concentration process, resulting in a liquid with extremely high concentration of fruit aroma. These can be used in flavour production or directly in beverages to dramatically
boost flavour.

Our ester flavours:

Apple Esters Apricot Esters Banana Esters
Blackberry Esters Blackthorn/sloe Esters Blackcurrant Esters
Blueberry Esters Cherry-sour Esters Cranberry Esters
Elderberry Esters Gooseberry Esters Mango Esters
Passionfruit Esters Pear Esters Peach Esters
Pineapple Esters Plum-red Esters Raspberry Esters
Redcurrant Esters Strawberry Esters + Others


Fruit Preparations are mixtures of real fruit with a pectin-based, sweetened carrier to provide a pourable mixture which can be used as a filling, sauce or topping. They are highly customisable with the percentage fruit, sweetness and colour adjusted to each requirement.


  • Aseptic Bag-in-box: 20/25Kg
  • Jerry Cans: 20/25Kg
  • Drums: 200-265Kg
  • IBCs: 1000-1250Kg
  • Tanker Loads: 10 to 20 tonne

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