Functional Human Nutrition & Human Nutraceuticals

Kanegrade is a leading global supplier of natural functional ingredients, also broadly known as ‘phytonutrients’ and ‘nutraceuticals’. Functional Ingredients have health promoting, energy boosting and/or disease preventing benefits.

Over the centuries, specific plants have been thought to possess functional properties to aid human health. As research into the chemicals which makes up these plants has developed, the active ingredients which stimulate those benefits have been identified.

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Some examples of these plants are:

Artichoke Extract Bearberry Extract Bitter Citrus Extract
Blueberry Leaf Extract Camellia Sinensis Extract Carrot Extract
Chamomile Extract Citroflavin • Citrolive D-xylose
Echinacea Angustifolia Echinacea Purpurea Ephedra
Garlic Extract Gingko Biloba Extract Ginseng
Goldenseal Grape Seed – Red Grape Seed – White
Grape Skin Extract Grapefruit Extract Green Olive Leaf Extract
Green Tea Extract Guarana Hesperidin
Hesperidin Complex Hydroxytyrosol Kava
L-arabinose Labiatae Extract Milkthistle Extract
Naringin Neohesperidin Oleuropein
Olive Leaf Extract Oreganum Extract Pine Bark
Rosemarinic Acid Rosemary Extract Sage Extract
Saw Palmetto Senna Extract Soy Isoflavones
St Johns Wort Thyme Extract Ursolic Acid
Valerian Extract Yohimbe + others

Through various methods of extraction, the amount of active ingredient from the source is concentrated to increase the health benefit. Extracts are not always possible or practical in which case a pure material from a source high in the active ingredient can be supplied.

Some of the reported functional properties of these plants are:

Anti-anxiety Antibiotic Anti-inflammatory
Antioxidant Calm body & mind Laxative
Maintain healthy vision Prevent impotence Promote energy
Reduce tiredness Increase stamina Enhance immune system
Assist concentration Antimicrobial + others

* Kanegrade is not currently offering advice on the health claims*

Including functional food ingredients to your end product adds a compelling selling point for your end consumer, or these can be used in supplements or powder mixes.


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