There has been much work in the development of inclusions and decorations that are heat and bake stable, barrier and fat coated to ensure they are suitable for all types of applications.

Our Inclusions include:

  • Caramel fudge pieces
  • Brownie fudge pieces
  • Toffee pieces
  • Milk chocolate coated honeycomb
  • Plain chocolate shavings
  • White chocolate
  • Crunchy biscuit paste
  • + Many more on request.

Biscuit & Cake Pieces

Bittersweet Brownies  Chocolate And Vanilla Crumble Cookie Dough Pieces
 Cookies & Cream Crumble  Flapjack Pieces  Sponge Cake Pieces + Others


Chocolate Chunks Fudge Cubes Marshmallows
Popping Candyrs Sprinkles + Others

Ripples & Sauces

Brandy Espresso Sauce  Cherry Sauce Chocolate Fudge Ribbon (No Added Sugar)
 Chocolate Fudge Sauce  Cinnamon Caramel Swirl  Maple Syrup Sauce
Thick Caramel Sauce Thick Chocolate Fudge Ribbon

Nuts & Nut Products are widely used as inclusions in numerous application areas throughout the food industry, see our Nuts & Nut Products product page.

The specific variations available depends on the type of nut you’re looking for and for the application, though examples of these variations include:

Halves Quarters Chopped / Nibbed
Diced Sticks


We supply fruit preparations for ice cream and yoghurts which can be with or without pieces and with a certain percentage of fruit content depending on the customers requirements.


We offer a range of citrus zests which are ideal for:

Lemon Zest Strips 10-25mm Lemon Zest Chopped 2-3mm Orange Zest Strips 10-50mm
Orange Zest Chopped 2-3mm Lime Peel Strips Lime Zest Chopped


  • Various pack sizes and types as standard
  • Please enquire for more information

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