Seafood Products


The fruits of the sea – seafood and shellfish flavours are heralded as amazingly diverse and powerful flavours for use in many savoury applications.

Powders are very versatile, easy to handle and use in production and offer a considerable shelf life. There is a choice of either:

Dehydrated powder which is made from 100% cooked seafood meat which is dehydrated and milled into a fine powder.

Extract powder where extracts are drawn from the entire cooked seafood, which are then dehydrated or spray dried onto a carrier.

We are a major supplier of European origin seafood and shellfish powders, using the highest quality seafood from accredited sources:

Seafood Powders available are:

Anchovy powder Clam powder Codfish powder
Codfish Roe powder Crab powder Lobster powder
Mussel powder Oyster powder Prawn powder
Scallop powder Shrimp powder Squid powder
Tuna powder Whitefish powder

Seafood Pastes

Pastes are simply seafood which is cooked, and the meat removed which is then chopped and ground, normally with the addition of saltwater. The firmness of the meat is maintained, meaning the remaining paste has natural ‘body’ but is still a highly flavoursome and pourable liquid.

These are ideal for addition to pates, dips, soups, marinades and many other applications where a full seafood flavour with corresponding natural thickness is required. When unpreserved, pastes have a limited shelf life so must be used as soon as possible.

Seafood Pastes available are:

Anchovy powder paste Codfish paste Crab paste
Lobster paste Oyster paste Scallop paste
Shrimp paste Tuna paste


  • Paper / poly sacks: 25Kg
  • Also in boxes

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