Vegetable Purees


Purees consist of the fleshy part and fibrous material from the vegetable which are crushed and strained with sieves resulting in a viscous but pourable liquid. As most fibre is retained, purees are a natural way to give your end product body and give the consumer a ‘fuller’ feeling.


Whilst standard purees are single strength, puree concentrates have some water removed, which lowers the quantity required to impart the same strength of taste. Water can always be re-added if required to bring the product back to the strength of natural puree.

Vegetable varieties available:

Artichoke juice purees Asparagus juice purees Basil juice purees
Beetroot juice purees Broccoli juice purees Cabbage juice purees
Caper juice purees Carrot juice purees Cauliflower juice purees
Celery juice purees Chilli Green juice purees Chilli Red juice purees
Coriander juice purees Cucumber juice purees Fennel juice purees
Garlic juice purees Ginger juice purees Kale juice purees
Leek juice purees Lettuce juice purees Mushroom juice purees
Olive juice purees Onion (Natural Roasted Or Smoked) purees Parsnip purees
Pea juice purees Pesto juice purees Pumpkin purees
Red Bell Pepper purees Shallot purees Spinach purees
Sweetcorn purees Tamarind purees Tomato purees
Yellow purees Pepper purees + Others
OTHER FLAVOURS – are available on request


  • Aseptic Bag-in-Box: 20 to 25Kg
  • Aseptic Drums: 200Kg

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