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Flavourings, Natural Colours, Fruit Powders and more Ingredients

Kanegrade creates and supplies high-quality flavours, colours, fruit powders and ingredients. These have been used by our customers in some of the World’s most popular food and beverage products. We manufacture ingredients to the highest possible BRC Food standards (last grade 2023: AA) and deliver to your facility, on time, every time. At Kanegrade we’re proud to have done this since 1980. Send us your next requirement now – we look forward to working with you.


Why Kanegrade

Our team of food scientists are on-hand to answer questions about shelf life, stability, particle size, organic accreditation, acidity level, extraction process, dietary consideration or any one of hundreds of criteria which are relevant to our ingredients, and your finished product. Learn more…

40 Years experience

Supplying high quality natural food ingredients for 40 years.

Quality guaranteed

Guaranteed perfect ingredients delivered on time every time.

Experts in our field

A team of food scientists on hand to offer expert advice.

A global network

A global ingredient supplier with offices located worldwide.

How can we help?

Kanegrade holds thousands of ingredients in stock ensuring constant availability and “just in time” delivery when required. Find the ingredients you need by simply browsing, using our site search facility or find suggested ingredients by application.


At Kanegrade we develop natural colours that help food look its most delicious.


Kanegrade develop flavours for leading Beverage, Bakery, Dairy, Savoury and Confectionery manufacturers.

Fruit Juice Concentrates

Kanegrade are Worldwide suppliers of Fruit Juice Concentrates, ranging from Apple to Watermelon and every fruit in between.

Fruit Purees & Purees Concentrates

These contain juice as well as the fibrous material from the fruit, to be used in applications such as smoothies.

Fruit Powders

Kanegrade is proud to produce a wide range of Fruit Powders which are used in hundreds of applications.

Fruit Pieces

We offer a large range of fruit pieces which are a crucial component in many application areas.

Vegetable Juice Concentrate

These are used to naturally impart the flavour of a vegetable in your finished product.

Vegetable Purees

Purees consist of the fleshy part and fibrous material from the vegetable.


Lime Powder

Kanegrade’s Lime Powder is a light beige powder with a flavour and aroma typical of the fruit.

Vegetable Powders

Powders are a versatile and natural way to flavour your savoury product.

Vegetable Pieces

Vegetable pieces can be used to get a vegetable bite in your end product and enhance the nutrition.

Seafood Products

The fruits of the sea – seafood and shellfish delivering diverse and powerful flavours.

Dairy Products

Dairy powders are fantastic ingredients, used to provide creaminess, tartness, nutrition, fat content and a warming mouthfeel.

Nuts & Nut Products

Kanegrade is a major supplier of natural nuts and processed nut products.


There has been much work in the development of inclusions and decorations...


Herbs and Spices are the original flavours; they’ve been used as food flavouring for thousands of years.


Herbs and Spices are the original flavours; they’ve been used as food flavouring for thousands of years.


Kanegrade develop and supplies seasonings for an extensive range of food manufacturers.

Extracts, Oils & Oleoresins

Extracts of plant material contain concentrated amounts of the aromatic, colouring or functional components of a raw material.

Functional Human Nutrition & Human Nutraceuticals

Kanegrade is a leading global supplier of natural functional ingredients.

Commodities (Sweeteners)

There are a huge range of options for sweetening finished products, without choosing sugar itself.


Organic ingredients have been part of the Kanegrade product range for many years.

Coconut Products

Kanegrade develop and supplies coconut products for an extensive range of food manufacturers.

Honey Powder

Our honey powder is made from fresh honey which is spray dried onto a carrier.

Wine Concentrates

One of the products we specialise in is wine extracts...

Tamarind Concentrate

Tamarind has a sweet and sour taste...

Inactive Yeast Powders

Inactive yeast powders are a good source of protein...


Since 1980 Kanegrade has been supplying ingredients to the beverage industry around the World.