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Natural colours

Fruit powders


Bakery is one of our favourite application areas, but also one of the most challenging. Kanegrade offers flavours and natural colours that are made for the bakery industry.

We ensure ingredients remain stable in the final product despite the high temperatures they have to withstand in the baking process.

We offer ingredients for all baked goods including biscuits, pastries, cakes, muffins, breads, pies and slices as well as for fillings, icings, or glazes.

Some recent Bakery projects:

Cakes with various Natural Colours

Pancakes with flavour: Toasted sesame, Jalapeno, Chocolate, Honey

Cookie - Colour: Paprika Extract

Cookie - Colour: Caramel Colour

Flavourings for Bakery

The use of flavours in bakery products can greatly improve the consumer’s experience of your product. Adding a complementing top-note or boosting the baked aroma of the item itself are great ways to give your product a point of difference over the competition.

You can use flavours to impart fruity, creamy or nutty notes in sweet products, and also vegetable, spicey or cooked notes in savoury products. We ensure all our flavours are tested to work perfectly in the final application before sending samples to you.

Natural colours for Bakery

Your products also need to look their best and entice customers to purchase them.

Kanegrade offers clean label natural colours. Derived from fruits, vegetables and spices, they retain the colour of your finished product all the way until they are consumed.

Colours such as Browns, Oranges and Yellows enhance existing colours in Breads and other staples. For items such as Cakes, Macarons and Biscuits, more artistic licence is possible and colours such as Purple, Red, Green and Black are all bake-stable options.

Fruit powders too can be used in the bakery industry – imparting aroma, natural colour, nutrition, and bulking along with a clean label declaration.

If you’re NPD or a Buyer in a Bakery Manufacturer we want to hear from you! Get in touch today with your requirement, and we look forward to discussing it with you.