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Sports Nutrition

In the dynamic field of sports nutrition, Kanegrade can help take your product to the next level with our flavourings, natural colours, and fruit powders. Nutritional sports supplements were originally reserved for professional athletes, but the market has exploded with a vast array of protein bars, protein powders, energy gels, and isotonic drinks as the average gym-goer or marathon runner looks to supplement their meals or boost their performance with nutrition products.


The addition of flavourings to sports nutrition ingredients is important, designed to make products more palatable which often suffer from off-tastes due to the vitamins and functional ingredients used. A huge range of flavours, from classic vanilla and chocolate to more exotic profiles like mango or coconut work well. Research has shown that athletes are more likely to consistently consume sports nutrition products that taste good, hence the importance of flavourings.

Natural colours

Natural colours and fruit powders are other key components in formulating sports nutrition products. Natural colours derived from plants, vegetables, and minerals are used to enhance the visual appeal of these products without resorting to artificial additives. On the other hand, fruit powders offer a concentrated source of flavour, bulking, natural sugars, vitamins, and antioxidants. They provide sustained energy release during physical activity and can support recovery post workout.