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The beverage industry is a vibrant area of innovation, offering an ever-growing array of products to quench our thirsts. From refreshing soft drinks to energizing sports drinks, cold-brew coffee to nutritious fruit shots, manufacturers continuously launch inventive new concepts.

Kanegrade is proud to supply some fantastic beverage companies with ingredients including flavours, natural colours and even fruit powders. Coupling our ingredients with your expertise, we love working together to create tomorrow’s best-selling beverages.

Some recent Beverage projects:

Various Carbonated Soft Drinks with 'combo' Flavouring concepts and Natural Colours

Flavoured ciders including Strawberry, Forest fruits and Lemon

Beverage shade comparison - Safflower

Natural colour stability assessment

Milk and Fruit Juice concept - 'Milky Juice'

Flavoured ciders including Peach-Mango, Coconut

Grapeskin comparison - Different pH

Shade comparison - Copper Chlorophyllin

Flavourings for Beverages

Flavours give the beverage its character, and though there will always be the traditional flavour options such as fruits and colas, unique twists are possible: for example using botanicals such as hibiscus and lavender, an something with bite such as chilli and nettle, or fusions of two or three flavours are a great way to stand out in the market.

Whether it’s a Still Drink / Juice Drink, CSD, Functional, Dairy, Iced Tea, Boba or any other type of beverage, our flavourists would love to work with you as you develop. We can help with trends or entire concepts, flavours to use on their own in beverages, or in an emulsion, to support a juice concentrate, adapt top-notes or increase sweetness.

Natural Colours for Beverages

Natural colours too play an essential role in the appeal of a beverage, with the visual appeal of a drink influencing a consumer’s purchasing decision particularly pertinent in beverage. Kanegrade develops and manufactures natural pigments derived from fruits, vegetables, and spices not only enhances the colour but gives a natural appeal and allows use of the ‘free-from artificial colours’ claim for the drink.

Another trend in the beverage industry is the use of fruit powders, which we manufacture by spray-drying a fruit juice concentrate or puree, and are an excellent way to add natural sweetness, colour and nutrients particularly suited to powdered beverages or incorporated into sachets.

To receive samples of our flavours, natural colours or fruit powders for use in your next beverage project, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you.