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Natural colours

Fruit powders


The use of flavourings, natural colours, and fruit powders in pharmaceutical products has become increasingly popular as companies strive to make their products more palatable to consumers. Products include syrups/suspensions, chewable tablets/lozenges, effervescent tablets, oral sprays and lip balms.


Flavourings are used widely in pharmaceutical products to mask the unpleasant taste of active ingredients, especially important for children with taste sensitivities. Natural colours, derived from plant, animal or mineral sources, are used to differentiate between different medicines and to make them visually appealing.  Fruit powders, which contain vitamins and minerals, are often used in pharmaceutical products such as compressed tablets or powder mixes to impart flavour and subtle colour whilst offering a clean label ingredient.

Ingredients integration 

The careful selection and integration of these ingredients into pharmaceutical products can contribute significantly to their success in the market. It’s important that ingredients meet strict regulatory standards for safety in pharmaceutical applications, and at Kanegrade we’re proud to supply multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers both in the UK and beyond.