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Kanegrade is extremely proud of our applications lab, the most exciting area of the business. This is where we finally get to use our ingredients where they’re intended to be: in food and drink products. Testing our ingredients in the application is essential to know they work well, the flavour and colour survive the heat, pH and light conditions that your product undergoes. We have to taste them too of course, one of the best parts of working in this industry!

What are you creating?

We have done hundreds of application tests in all our major product areas. We have mixers, ovens, ice-cream makers, moulds and hundreds of the other ingredients you use in your food products so we can replicate any application you have. If there is something unique to your process (very high temp sterilization temperature, low ph etc.), then let us know in your enquiry and we can adapt it in our application tests and adjust our ingredient if needed, ensuring that you’re delighted with the sample we send you.





Snack and Savoury

Sports Nutrition