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Savoury & Snacks

Flavourings play a crucial role in savoury food applications by adding depth and complexity to the overall taste profile. They can be used to impart herbs, spices, and vegetable top-notes to many applications including soups, sauces, seasonings, gravies and dressings.  By incorporating flavourings, food manufacturers can boost and standardise the taste experience in their product range.

Natural colours

Natural colours are another crucial ingredient in savoury food applications as they contribute to the visual appeal of the final product essential in a consumers buying decision. Demand has also increased for foods that are free from artificial colours which instead use products derived from sources like fruits, vegetables, and spices. For instance, a vegetable soup can be enhanced with a natural turmeric powder to give it a vibrant orange colour that is visually appealing and emphasise its wholesome ingredients.

Fruit powders

Fruit powders can also be added to savoury applications, for example a snack mix, where addition of a lime, mango or lemon powder can give a kick to the flavour impact. These powders are made by spray-drying fruit juices or purees making a free-flowing easy to use powder. They can also be added to marinades, dressings, and rubs to impart a fruity taste. Additionally, fruit powders provide subtle natural sweetness as well as contribute to essential vitamins and minerals to the final product.