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Confectionery manufacturing is an evolving and exciting application area that uses complex processes to create the sweet treats we love.

Flavours play an indispensable role, Natural colours give visual impact, and Fruit Powders can be used to boost clean-label credentials.

Whether you manufacture hard boiled candy, gummies, panned candy, fruit chews, or any other confectionery, Kanegrade has a range of confectionery-suitable ingredients ideally suited to making to class-leading products.

Some recent Confectionery projects:

Chocolates Flavoured with Fruit Powders @ 3%

Chocolates flavoured with fruit powders at 3%

Gummies for exhibitions - Various flavourings inc Clementine, Strawberry and Mango

Gummies using natural colours

Kanegrade hummingbird in gummy form!

Hard-boiled Candy drops with various flavours including Raspberry

Hard-boiled candy drops with Lemon flavouring and Safflower colour

Flavourings, Natural Colours & Fruit Powders for Confectionery

As well as offering a full-range of flavourings suitable for confectionery, Kanegrade also offers natural colours which will be stable in the process, ensuring the visual impact is retained in the final product. How a product looks forms our first impression on the shelf, and studies have proven good colouring such as vibrant reds, striking greens and calming blues also improve the taste via colour-taste synaesthesia.

Kanegrade also offers fruit powders, which have gained popularity in confectionery manufacturing for their ability to impart subtle but authentic fruit flavours while also enhancing the nutritional profile of the sweets. They can be used an be used as a dusting or in a sherbet type mix and although weaker than an equivalent aroma of a flavour powder, they provide a natural alternative ingredient.

To receive samples of our flavours, natural colours or fruit powders for use in your next confectionery project, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you.